When 9-Year-Old Chase Fowler won a $1000 bike, he surprised everyone by giving it away to his friend, who had broken his and needed it more.

Generosity can come from unexpected places. That was the case for Chase Fowler’s friend, who received an unexpected present from his 9-year-old buddy.

Chase never considered keeping the bike

Chase won a mountain bike, valued at $1000, after entering a raffle at the opening of the Covington Bicycle Park and Playground, in Tennessee.

At first, he had difficulty filling out the ticket for the raffle, because it was so small. It was his grandmother, Candy Bailey, who filled it out for him. Then, off he was to enjoy the playground.

But when he won, Candy ran towards her grandson, to tell him the good news.

As Candy recalls, Chase never even considered keeping the bike for himself.

He immediately thought of his friend

His friend, 13-year-old Daniel Bridges, used to ride with Chase and other kids around their neighborhood in Munford. When Daniel’s bike broke, he couldn’t come join them anymore and Chase knew that.

He didn’t even hesitate. The guy said he could trade it in for a smaller bike his size, but he said, ‘I want to give it to Daniel.’

Candy Bailey to Covington Leader

“First off, he needed a bike, even though it’s worth like a $1,000,” Chase said.

His friend Daniel was surprised at the incredibly generous gift. “He said thanks,” Chase said. “His face was surprised.”

“I looked out the window yesterday and saw him riding it,” Chase added. “I think he was having fun.”

The power of selflessness

Chase may only be 9 but he has taught us all a powerful lesson on selflessness. He didn’t need the bike for himself and saw someone else who would benefit more from a new one.

Sometimes, we can get lost in always wanting more for ourselves but it is not always things that we need. And someone else might benefit more from it.

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