How do you know if you’re in a toxic relationship?

Toxic people of all kinds tend to be masters of deception, so if you are in a toxic relationship, it might be hard to tell.

young-couple-looking-apatheticNarcissists, sociopaths, and leeches abound have grown accustomed to using techniques such as gaslighting and blackmail to get their way, which can wreak havoc on your life — not just in the short-term but long-term as well.

If you think you might be in a toxic relationship, it’s critical that you begin looking for signs now before any more damage is dealt.

Identifying the signs of a toxic relationship can be tough, so we’ve crafted a quick quiz which can help you uncover whether you’re in a toxic relationship.

Click below to take the quiz and post your results in the comments below:

You have a healthy relationship

Your relationship is looking good. You might have elements of toxicity, as any good relationship has things to work on, but both people are clearly making an effort and feel loved.

You might be in a toxic relationship

There are elements of toxicity in your relationship and it’s either minimal or it’s hard for you to tell just how toxic the other person is.

Review your answers and start to pay closer attention to those particular elements, there are either things you need to work on together or you need to get away from the other person — fast.

You’re in a toxic relationship

You’re definitely in a toxic relationship and you should (probably) get out as fast as you can. There’s really no other way to put it, toxic people can always turn over a new leaf but that’s often just wishful — nay, delusional — thinking. Give them a chance to change, but at the first sign of the previous behaviors, book it for freedom.