Christopher Reeve – Us

“We’re all one great big family.”
– Christopher Reeve


“I remember the last movie I did I played a paraplegic in a movie called Above Suspicion, and I went to a rehab center, and I worked with the people there so I could simulate being a paraplegic. Every day, I’d get in my car and drive away and go, “Thank God that’s not me.” I have to admit that. Then, seven months later, I was in this condition. I remember, in a way, the smugness of that, as if I was privileged in some way.

The point is we’re all one great big family. Any one of us could get hurt at any moment. That taught me a really big lesson about complacency. We should never walk by somebody who’s in a wheelchair and be afraid of them or think of them as a stranger. It could be us. In fact, it is us.”