There’s something so exciting and so promising about a first date.  It’s a chance to set the foundation for a new relationship and an opportunity to make a great first impression. Here are some dating tips on how to have a great first date so it can lead to a second, third and so on.

Go in with the right mindset

Go on the date with the intention of enjoying the date. “This can be a hard one because some people hate dating,” says Stephanie D. McKenzie, MBA, MA, CPC, CRC, CSSC, lead coach at The Relationship Firm.  “Given their way, most people would skip the dating and get right to the part where they are committed and doing life together.”

McKenzie said some become preoccupied with finding “the one” and end up missing out on enjoying their date’s company. “There are quite a few dates between, ‘hi’ and ‘happily ever after,’ so stay focused on having a good time and enjoying the person in front of you–even if they aren’t ‘the one’ yet.”

Ask good questions

The best part about a first date is that your date is usually willing to answer most questions, even about their relationship goals or even their past relationships, says McKenzie. “While you’re having fun and blissfully engrossing yourself in the moment, stay alert to and present in the conversation, and ask good questions,” she says. A good question is, “What is the funniest thing you’ve heard this week?” These types of questions get the lines of communication open.

Stay sober

It may go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway. “Sure have a drink, but don’t get sloshed,” warns McKenzie. First of all, you don’t know this person; secondly, you want to remember what happened and what was said with great accuracy. “Getting drunk is not optimal on a first date, or a second date — really any date — because it could lower your inhibitions and lead you to doing things you’ll regret,” she adds. “Respect your limits and enjoy the awesome meal and great company.”

Be aware of your body language

Are you slouching, checking your phone, yawning, or staring around the restaurant? Your body language tells more about your feelings and impressions than you may be aware. Non-verbal cues like folding your arms and fidgeting may send a big message to your date that you aren’t feeling a love connection.