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Little kid wearing red and yellow scarf and holding a wand and a five people posing for a picture.

11-Year-Old Finds Forever Home After Years In Foster Care

Jessica Ross/ Pinterest / Cassie Kissinger
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Neglected 11-Year-Old Finds Forever Home After Years of Hardships in Foster Care

Meet the Kissingers — the family that's totally channeling The Weasley clan in real life.

In a moment filled with anticipation and joy, 11-year-old Luke finally found a place to call home. After years of moving between 25 different foster homes, his journey led him to a loving family and a heartwarming adoption ceremony that left everyone in tears.

Wondering If He Will Ever Be "The Chosen One"

Luke's story is one of resilience and hope. For four long years, he experienced the instability of the foster care system, often changing homes due to the scarcity of available placements and the behavioral challenges stemming from his traumatic past. Despite these hardships, Luke's spirit remained unbroken.

The turning point came when Cassie and Bradley Kissinger, driven by a longstanding desire to adopt, saw a video of Luke through Project Zero, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting adoption. The Kissingers were immediately drawn to Luke's vibrant personality and knew they had found their son.

His Special Day In Court

Group of people sitting together and watching a livestream.

Group of people sitting together and watching a livestream.

Cassie Kissinger

On his adoption day, Luke experienced a whirlwind of emotions — nervousness, excitement, and overwhelming joy. "It was really fun but we had emotional parts too," he said. But eventually the big day came and it was better than he could have ever imagined.

On May 14, in a Boone County courtroom, Luke's adoption was finalized. But what made this day even more special was the presence of his fourth-grade classmates from Brookland Middle School, who joined via livestream to witness the joyous moment. Luke had one simple request: he wanted his friends to be part of his big day.

"I wanted my class to see my adoption because it felt really important to share this new chapter with them," Luke said with a smile.

New Beginnings

Cassie Kissinger recalls the instant connection they felt with Luke when they met at a Project Zero event. "We started playing games, and all the initial awkwardness disappeared. It felt like we were meant to be together," she shared.

For Cassie, adopting Luke was a dream come true. Growing up in a family that fostered and adopted children, she always knew she wanted to provide the same loving home for a child in need. The bond with Luke was immediate and profound, transforming their lives overnight.

Luke's new family includes his parents, Cassie and Bradley, his brother Aiden, 11, and sister Alena, 14. The siblings quickly became close, with Aiden expressing excitement about having a new brother to play with, despite the occasional sibling rivalry.

There's Someone Out There For Everyone

A family sitting on the ground and posing for a picture.

A family sitting on the ground and posing for a picture.

Cassie Kissinger

Cassie and Bradley's journey to adopt Luke wasn't easy, but they emphasize that the love and stability they can offer make it all worthwhile. "These kids don't need perfection; they just need love and a permanent home," Cassie said. "Adopting Luke has changed all our lives for the better."

Bradley echoed this sentiment, urging other families to consider adoption. "There are so many children who just need a chance to be loved. If you can change even one child's life, it's worth it."

Luke's adoption is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and community. As he settles into his new home, surrounded by family and friends who support and care for him, Luke's future looks brighter than ever.

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