Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with it, the chance for you to finally surprise your muse with that amazing date you’ve had planned.



You haven’t even thought about it, you say?

Well, lucky for you we’ve got you covered anyway. Plus, we’ve put together a whole array of romantic V-Day date ideas that aren’t just awesome — they’re free.

Do the both of you enjoy more physically-oriented activities such as going out in nature or do you prefer to work your brain? It all comes down to what you and your special someone like to do. That’s why the list below has got something for everyone.

Here are ten Valentine’s Day date ideas that won’t cost you anything.

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1. Have a game night

People grow up and forget just how fun old school games are. Whether it’s a board game like Risk, Monopoly, or Candy Land, or a card game like Cards Against Humanity, games are a fun way to infuse a little flirtatious competition into your Valentine’s Day.

This is especially good for those who are homebodies and would prefer to stay in instead of braving the chaos that is the average restaurant or other hotspot on V-Day.

2. Bake something together

Another super fun and creative date idea is to bake together. Pick something like chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cake, or whatever your poison is and go wild.

Something like pre-made cookie dough or brownie mix takes no time at all to bake, so really anyone can do it (and the more a novice you are, the more fun it will be).

A fun way you can add a twist to this is by making it a baking challenge, having each of you bake the same thing, seeing whose turns out better, and, of course, scarfing it down once you’re done.

3. Visit an animal shelter

Are you both animal lovers? Then a perfect idea could be visiting an animal shelter (or shelters if you have more than one nearby).

It’s simple, but if you love the fluffies, can be a super fun and ridiculously heart-warming date. Cap it off with a burger and a shake on the way home and you’ve got one cozy night out.

4. Have a dance party

If you’re dance lovers, you could try hitting a club for Valentine’s. Most you can get in for free before a certain time, hit the dance floor, and get out before it becomes too crowded.

However, if you’d prefer to stay home or have a more intimate night, you could bring the dance party to your (or their) place and dance the night away to your favorites. Plus, by changing up the music you can start it off fun and energetic and end on a romantic note.

5. Have a themed movie night

If you’re the kind to stay in and watch movies or binge Netflix often, a themed movie night could the perfect date.

Since it’s Valentine’s, you could do some rom-coms. However, if you prefer to make it a little more fun, you could do a scare-themed movie night or something more mentally engrossing (think Annihilation).

6. Make each other playlists

If you’re both passionate about music, especially if you’ve been together for a while and have a lot of songs you both have shared memories with, curating a playlist you both sit down to listen to and reminisce about could be a super romantic and simple date idea.

You could change this up as well if you’ve just started dating and make a playlist for one another with a bunch of your favorite music as a way for each of you to get to know each other.

As certain songs play you can explain why you like the song and what part of your life you identify it with. This makes for a great way to get to know each other on an emotional level.

7. Read together

If you’re reading lovers, you can do something similar and instead make a plan to read passages of your favorite books to one another.

You could reserve it to romantic scenes or moments of connection with your favorite characters to take this a step further in a romantic direction.

8. Have a picnic

If you’ve never tried it, picnics are a lot of fun and super romantic. Pack a well-thought-out meal, add some surprises (candles if it’s in the early evening, their favorite hard-to-find desert), and head to the most beautiful park you can find.

If you prefer to get outside while avoiding the crowds for Valentine’s but still want your V-Day to be highly romantic, this is one of the best date ideas out there.

Live in a colder climate? Try setting up an indoor picnic — lay out your dinner on a blanket and have a cozy evening by candlelight.

9. Take a walk on the beach

You can never go wrong with the beach.

A long walk on the beach at dusk, where you can talk to your heart’s content, watch the sunset, and get your feet wet, is not only incredibly romantic, it costs nothing more than the gas it took you to get there.

10. Go on a hike

Another great idea for those couples who prefer to get active outside, if you’ve never tried hiking, this comes highly suggested.

Hiking is one of the most peaceful and beautiful experiences you can possibly have (and the amazing views are incredibly romantic), so if you and your partner like to get active, it’s a perfect fit.

Plus, if you use an app like All Trails, you can find and map out routes easily and look forward to a beautiful and energizing Valentine’s Day with little effort (except for the sweat you release on your hike!).