Arguably one the most important fashion events of the year, the Met Gala is not an easy affair to outshine.

But pop-culture’s most significant new couple managed to do just that. Tech rebel Elon Musk and musical genius Grimes are dating, and they debuted their relationship on the red carpet.

While many are still confused about this union, for sapiosexuals or those familiar with the notion, it makes perfect sense. So, what is a sapiosexual? In short, sapiosexuals are people who are first and foremost turned on by intellect, wit, maturity and emotional intelligence.

Elon Musk’s bold tech moves and intelligence have been well-documented over the years, but musical rebel Grimes is less known to the general audience.

Grimes’ Flesh without Blood video is actually what started the relationship – three years before the couple actually met. A lover of nerdy puns, Musk wanted to tweet a joke about the notoriously intricate and over-the-top French Rococo design style and the terrifying Roko’s Basilisk thought experiment, which hypothesizes a reality in which evil AIs take over and punish all those who didn’t help bring them into existence. Yes, our heads are spinning too.

But when Musk wanted to tweet his “Rococo basilisk” joke, he realized that Grimes had beat him to the punchline by three years. The fact that someone else had already thought of the same obscure and nerdy joke piqued his interest, and the two connected instantly, exchanging quirky comments online.

Born Claire Boucher, Grimes was double majoring in philosophy and psychology at the University of McGill while also minoring in electroacoustics and Russian, before dropping out to dedicate herself to music. She is also an acclaimed artist, showing in galleries, illustrating her own albums and merch, as well as creating deeply symbolistic music videos.

Musk has expressed his appreciation of Grimes’ audio-visual talent several times in the past, while Grimes wore a Tesla choker to the Met Gala, showing all of us that love is out there, just one obscure joke away. And who knows, if evil AIs do take over, Musk and Grimes might very well be the two quirky heroes to save us all.