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At 71, Gerry Hunter Is First-Ever Golden BachelorWhy Its About Time a Senior Steals the Show
gerry turner bachelor cover

At 71, Gerry Hunter Is First-Ever Golden BachelorWhy Its About Time a Senior Steals the Show

The "Golden Bachelor" has arrived, boldly affirming that there is no expiration date in the pursuit of love!

Are you ever too old to find love? Of course not! And especially not according to 71-year-old Gerry Turner, the first and oldest (by far) star of the new Golden Bachelor. The widower has already set tongues wagging from his age to just how damn good-looking he is.

The Golden Bachelor is the latest addition to the ever-expanding The Bachelor franchise, boasting an impressive record of 60 seasons since its debut in 2002.

The series promises to showcase an entirely fresh and heartwarming love story — one tailored to the golden years. Something they have never done before. Bring it on!

The show aims to provide a beacon of hope for hopeless romantics seeking a second chance at love, along with a whole lot of drama.

This spinoff will air on Mondays at 10 p.m. this fall. It introduces a captivating twist to ABC's long-running dating show franchise, which has centered around casts in their 20s and 30s for the past two decades.

So let’s meet Gerry Turner – a remarkable 71-year-old, who is set to make history as the inaugural star of The Golden Bachelor. His heartwarming backstory adds to the anticipation surrounding the show. Let's delve into all the details we have learned about him thus far.

Gerry’s Decision on Becoming the First “Golden Bachelor”

Gerry Hunt posing as the next contestant on The Golden Bachelor
ABC / The Golden Bachelor

So what makes a senior citizen throw caution to the wind and step out in front of millions of viewers to find love? The answer is quite simple. Encouraged by the support and love of his daughters, Turner found the courage to take on the challenge.

Turner is portrayed as "charming" and a true "romantic." Back in 1974, he tied the knot with his high-school sweetheart, Toni, and for 43 years, they shared a life together. However, in 2017, tragedy struck when Toni fell seriously ill and passed away.

For six years, Turner navigated the depths of grief, finding solace and strength in the love and support of his family. Now, with their blessing, he is prepared to embark on a new chapter in his life — a quest to rediscover love and companionship once again.

And it was his family who helped push him to take on the role of TheGolden Bachelor.

Gerry Turner's Family Helped Him Make The Decision

Gerry Turner from the Golden Bachelor posing with his daughters and granddaughter
ABC / The Golden Bachelor

Gerry and his wife Toni Turner raised two daughters Angie and Jenny and later welcomed granddaughters Charlee and Payton to the family. His daughters are to thank for his role on the show, using their dad's motto to encourage the step, "don't give up — there's always possibilities."

And this huge step would take him to the forefront of The Golden Bachelor series. But with the prospect of a new chapter of love and companionship, he still knows deep in his heart that his late wife, Toni, would be cheering him on from the heavens above.

We always told each other, when one of us goes, we want the other one to be happy. She's up there rooting for me.

Gerry Turner

The family is active and they will need someone just as active to keep up with their constant adventures! Turner currently lives on a lake in Indiana and enjoys all those outdoor sports that come with it. He is looking for that one person who can keep up with him, and enjoy the occasional game of pickleball.

"I am from Iowa, but I currently live on a beautiful lake in Indiana." I love all lake activities! I enjoy taking my grandkids on pontoon boat rides and doing jet ski races with them."

What Did Gerry Turner Do for a Living?

Gerry Turner in the Golden Bachelor wearing a suit.

Gerry, now retired, was in the restaurant business for most of his life.

During his golden years, you can find him living it up with family and friends; barbecues, pickleball, four-wheeling, sports games. Basically, this is a man who knows how to 'retire' in the best way.

It looks like the contestants on The Golden Bachelor will have a lot to live up to and will need the high energy for life Turner has himself.

Who Are The Contestants on The Golden Bachelor?

The biggest question since the unveiling of the handsome and dashing Turner is, "But who are the contestants going to be on The Golden Bachelor?"

Everyone wants to know who they are and of course, how old are they? The contestants have yet to be chosen. But the casting call is looking for “active and outgoing” single women “in their golden years” and senior citizens “looking for a committed relationship.”

Some fans are a little nervous that the contestants won't fall into Turner's age bracket. But get ready to breathe a sigh of relief. According to The Hollywood Reporter, contestants must be at least 65 years old.

It's True, You’re Never Too Old for Love or a New Life

Love, with its ability to ignite hearts and create connections, knows no expiration date. No matter how many years have graced our existence, the desire for companionship and the pursuit of happiness remains an innate aspect of the human experience.

So, whether we're seeking love or embracing a new beginning or looking for adventure, age is a number. It is a mere measure of the passage of time. We define the essence of our being through the love we give and receive, the laughter we share, and the dreams we dare to chase.

Watching 20-year-olds vie for a relationship can be fun. But there is an entire population, rarely shown on TV, ready to start a new chapter that many can relate to. It's about time there was a show that focused on a senior's quest for love.


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