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Teen walking in school hallway and a teen crying in a classroom

Classmates Plan Heartwarming Surprise For Kid After Bullying

YouTube/ Inside Edition and Facebook/ Stephanie V. Myers
Uplifting News

Kid Gets Bullied At School - So Students Devise a Plan That Leaves Him in Tears

These ninth graders remind us why kindness is so important.

High school is a tough time for many kids as they figure out who they are while dealing with changing social dynamics, bodies, emotions, and more. Adding to those pressures with something like bullying can be devastating. Fortunately, after one kid experienced bullying at his former school, his classmates rallied around him in a beautiful way.

Feeling Down

A ninth-grade student in Tennessee named Azrael Robinson was having a tough time with bullies at his old school, so he switched to LaVergne High School instead. He no longer had to face bullying there, but his classmates noticed that he seemed down lately.

So, they hatched a plan to help.

According to the kids’ biology teacher, Sonji Newman, two students approached her about doing something nice for Robinson. The kids banded together and got the 15-year-old a new pair of shoes, new clothes, and some money. Then, they hid everything in the supply closet and waited to surprise him.

“They just wanted to give to him to make him feel better about himself,” Newman told Today.

A Memorable Surprise

On the planned day, two students named Kerolos Girgis and Dylan Norton presented Robinson with the haul. “We got you some stuff because of how generous you are and everything you do,” they said in a video shared on social media.

Robinson was confused, surprised, and grateful as he opened the gifts. He fought back tears as his classmates applauded him. According to Newman, the moment was very deserved.

“If they don’t understand something, he’s the first one to help,” Newman added to the publication. "If anything is dropped in the classroom, he’s the first one to pick it up. If a student is down, he’s the first one to say everything is going to be okay.”

Robinson wasn’t the only one who was surprised by the kind gesture. The boy’s mom was also touched. According to Traci Robinson, she was concerned when her son started crying in the car that day, knowing his history with bullies. Instead, she was met with tears of happiness.

“Even just knowing that this had happened, I bawled all the way home,” she said.

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

These kids prove yet again that a little kindness can go a long way in someone else’s life. We never really know what anyone else is going through, what they might be dealing with, or what their history is. But by leading with kindness, we can make a huge difference.

If these high school kids can come together to uplift a classmate, then others can, too. This story is inspiring because it reminds us that little gestures can mean a lot if only we think about making them.

So the next time you see someone struggling, consider grabbing them a coffee, some flowers, or a card. If a neighbor has been down, cut their lawn or shovel some snow. Perhaps a new plant or an unexpected batch of cookies will brighten their day. Or perhaps you just want to do something kind for someone who might not be feeling down but who you think deserves a little treat.

However you spread kindness, remember that it makes a difference. And kindness is the one thing we can never have too much of.

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