One young father who found himself homeless in Denver was shocked at the generosity of strangers.

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world. When people leave the city of lights for a place where the cost of living is lower, the expectation is usually that life will be a little easier. 

James Moss, a young father from New York recently made the move to Denver with his son in search of a better life. He had an opportunity in the new city, and decided taking it would be the best thing for his little family. He was wrong. 

How One Kind Stranger Changed a Homeless Man’s Life

As soon as he got to Denver, the rug was pulled out from under him and he found himself homeless and without a vehicle. Nevertheless, he wanted to stay in the beautiful city. He felt his son deserved to grow up surrounded by nature and mountains.

James was living on the streets when he ran into Leon Logothetis, a YouTuber who travels the country performing random acts of kindness while raising money and interest for people in need. Leon posts his acts on social media, which also has the effect of amplifying his message. 

James and Leon connected, and Leon decided to bless James with a few gifts. First, he gave him $1000 cash, a little something to get him back on his feet. Then, he paid for a week in a hotel for the man and his little boy.

James was overcome with gratitude. He felt that the tides were changing, and he would one day be able to give his son the life he never had. 

How a Stranger’s Generosity Inspired One Man to Pay It Forward

After Leon’s video started gaining traction online, a woman named Kayla Heskett decided to start a GoFundMe to help James. She worked in tandem with Leon to amplify James’ story and raise money from anyone who felt compelled to donate after seeing the touching story online. Amazingly, her act helped James get another $50,000, enough to really start a new life.

After Leon’s wonderful video and generous gift, James was able to get a job as a barber while living in a shelter with his little boy.

Once the GoFundMe money was withdrawn and given to its beneficiary, James got a permanent job, a home, a car, and childcare. According to his good friend and guardian angel Kayla, he is paying his good fortune forward whenever he gets the chance. 

A wonderful young man who is trying to raise the next generation of wonderful young people should never have to struggle so much. Luckily, acts of kindness can have an amazing impact felt for generations!