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Terrified Woman Stranded by a Flat Tire — She Is “Saved” by One of the Last People She’d Expect to Stop for Her
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Terrified Woman Stranded by a Flat Tire — She Is “Saved” by One of the Last People She’d Expect to Stop for Her

Here's how an unexpected act of help to those in need proved that compassion still exists.

People on social media are praising an act of kindness displayed by a homeless man to a stranded woman in Illinois.

In a post uploaded to the MadeMeSmile sub-Reddit, a user detailed the incident that became a blessing.

According to her post, she was in Chicago, Illinois, dressed in a skirt and heels when she became stranded with a flat tire.

However, a homeless gentleman found her in a helpless state, coming to her rescue and changing her tire for her.

The Unexpected Act of Kindness

“I only had $60 on me,” she wrote in the post. “But I very gratefully gave it to him for saving me.”

The woman also explained that the lug nuts on the tire were “so tight” that she didn’t think she could take it off.

She also didn’t anticipate the man taking off the lug nuts as well because he struggled, but he miraculously prevailed.

“He was really sweet. Called me ‘a lady’ and even opened my car door for me,” she continued before adding that the man was a real “gentleman” to her at that moment.

Reddit’s Positive Reception to the Kind Gesture

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In the over 530 comments shared by people under the post, they found the moment heartwarming. Here are some of those comments:

"Lovely post, lovely human for helping and for giving him what you could as a thank you."

"In Qatar 5 years ago. 120+ degrees outside. Hit a major pothole and blew out a tire. I'm seriously struggling. An older man comes out of his house with a big bottle of cold water, hands it to me, and motions me to step aside. He changes tire for me. He refused payment. I managed a very weak "shukran lak." He smiled and waved goodbye. Love that country."

"I was driving in the snow years ago and slid into a snowbank. A homeless guy came over and asked if he could help me get out. He pushed my car out of the snowbank; it was very hard to do, and he spent a long time helping me get out. he was the only one that offered to help me. Others were standing around. I was so grateful I gave him my last 20 dollars. He didn't even want it, but I insisted he take it."

This moment proves that an act of warmth and empathy is greatly appreciated and admired regardless of who you are!

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