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Man Lives on Street for 3 Years Waiting for His Mother - Then a Stranger Who Kept Passing By Him, Took Him In
Man Lives on Street for 3 Years Waiting for His Mom Before This Woman Took Him In
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Man Lives on Street for 3 Years Waiting for His Mother - Then a Stranger Who Kept Passing By Him, Took Him In

Ginger Sprouse knew she had to help this man.

Roughly 582,000 Americans experienced homelessness last year.

There are many reasons people lose their homes or are forced onto the streets, including the economy, bad luck, and mental health. Yet there are still stigmas attached to those without a home to call their own, and it can be really tough getting back on your feet.

That’s why this story about a woman who decided to do something about the man she saw roaming the streets has garnered so much attention.

A Man Living Along the Streets

man sitting on the street

For three years, a man named Victor Hubbard lived along a busy street in Webster, Texas. People drove and walked by him all the time, but no one bothered to stop and learn his story. No one, that is, except a woman named Ginger Sprouse.

The mother and entrepreneur had noticed Victor several times and finally decided to stop and have a conversation with him. She learned he was 32 years old and had mental health problems. His mother had left him on the street, and he was waiting for her to return.

Sprouse knew she had to do something, so she continued chatting with him and getting to know him. She washed his clothes and took him to appointments so he could get the medical help he needed. When winter approached, she was scared he would freeze outside, so she invited him to stay with her and her family. He accepted, and that’s when his life began to really change.

“I had the perfect family, the perfect house, husband, and all of those things and walked away from it and left a trail of broken lives and broken hearts behind me and felt like I would never be able to be forgiven or to even hold my head up again,” Sprouse explained to KHOU11, saying she wanted to make up for her past life by doing good in the present.

A New Beginning

As Victor felt the love of Sprouse and her family, he also began to gain weight. His confidence grew, and he began working at her company, the Art of Meal, as a skilled worker in the kitchen. Throughout it all, Sprouse shared updates on a since-deleted Facebook page called This Is Victor. His story inspired others to help by sending in donations and needed items.

These days, Victor lives in his own house just 11 steps from Sprouse. They’re part of each other’s families. Together, they now try to help others who need it. In 2019 Sprouse wrote a book about their experiences, and all proceeds went toward helping someone in need purchase a house.

“We’re going to always be together unless he chooses to go someplace else,” Sprouse said.

“A lot of great people built their careers just on loving other folks and just showing emotion for the next person,” Victor added.

Love Is the Fuel People Need

This heartwarming story is proof that sometimes people just need a little love in their lives. It was love that kept Victor on the streets for three years, waiting for his mother. But it was also the love and kindness of a stranger that inspired and helped him to change his life for the better.

It’s a great reminder that we should all work to treat others with kindness and respect, no matter what their life circumstances. After all, we never really know someone else’s story, nor how they got to the position they’re in.

Leading with love can never steer you wrong, whether that’s striking up a conversation, donating food or clothes, or offering your services where possible. And above all, remember that just because someone is dealing with bad luck or crappy life circumstances doesn’t mean they’re any less deserving of love in this world.

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