Jan Almasy – Chase Your Dream

Jan Almasy delivers a powerful speech on the timeless lessons he learned from his grandfather that shape the life he lives today.


The apex of my life is my death. I want you all to close your eyes. These are the words of my squadron commander, Lieutenant Colonel Phil Brown.

The first time I heard these words, I was at a loss. They didn’t make sense, and although they may seem a little morbid at first, I hope to show you in the short of amount of time that I can hold your attention just how prolific these words are.

The apex is the highest point of any given path or object. Imagine if today was your apex. Imagine if this day, this cap and gown and this degree were the absolute peak of your life. This would mean that after today, the only direction you have to go is down. Today is far from your personal apex.

Growing up, every time I left my house, my father would always look at me and say, “Remember, you’re an Almasy.” At the time, I had no idea what it meant and I couldn’t appreciate it. But as I grew and I began to understand more, I began to feel a sense of pride in that last name. If you are proud of your last name moving forward, represent it well. Show the world that you are a force to be reckoned with. If you’re not proud, change that perception.

A Marine that served in Korea, my grandfather, was an extremely wise man. One thing he always told me was don’t chase the money. If you chase the money, you will lose yourself along the way. Chase what you’re passionate about. You may not start at the top, but the money will come, and if you’re passionate about it, you will find a place that you fit so well that it’ll feel as though you haven’t worked a single day in your life. Be the one from today moving forward that generations from now, your grandchildren will listen to the chronicles of your life as a bedtime story. Give the future generations of your family something to look back on, something to be proud of.

Life will beat you down. It will ravage your mind and make you feel completely useless at times. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work at something, you will feel as though you failed. The only way to truly fail is to quit trying.

As we surrender today to the past and begin our futures, remember that this is only the first step. This is not your apex. And what you do moving forward is what will change the world. If you find something you’re passionate about, Monday will be your favorite day of the week. Be proud of who you are and your unique abilities to positively affect everyone around you. Create a legacy that will continue to impact the world long after you have left it behind.

Mark Batterson, author of a book called Chase the Lion, said your dreams should be so big that without God they are impossible to achieve. If you want the most out of the short time that we have on this planet, find your passion and chase it relentlessly.