One stranger performed an act of kindness, but left without being identified as he did not want to be credited for his deed.

Four boys walked into a Taco Bell in West Palm Beach, Florida- nothing strange about that. But when they sat down, customer Josh Walker noticed that only one ordered food.

“The other three sat and stared at the menu with hungry glances,” he wrote in a Facebook post shared by Understanding Compassion.

Hungry boys

The boys then got to chatting “about school, girls, and about twenty other subjects” until a tall man in the corner walked over to them. At first, the boys looked afraid, but the man surprised them with what he said.

“As all of the boys shrank back on view of this 6’5 giant, the words that issued forth made my day,” Walker wrote. “’Y’all want a slushie? Come on up here, let’s get you guys something.’”

An uncredited kind deed

Within a few seconds, the boys jumped up and ran to the counter to order not only slushies but also tacos- all paid for by the kind-hearted stranger.

The man “quickly asked the cashier if he could pay before they started the food as he needed to get back on the road,” Walker explained. “Card swiped, a goodbye given, and this gentle man quickly went for the back door without asking for a thank you for the young boys.”

Impressed by the kind deed, Walker wrote he “nodded silently to him and flashed a smile as a signal that he had been seen.”

In response, Walker wrote the man “lifted a hand in farewell towards the counter, and with smiles touching both sides of their faces, the little dudes all turned and yelled ‘thank you!’ as he slipped out the door and jogged to his semi parked to the side of the building…”

The man disappeared before Walker could ask his name, but the story was shared online and it went viral, with many being touched by the man’s genuine compassion.

Today, Love and Kindness looked like a 12 pack of soft tacos and 3 Starburst Freezes.

Josh Walker

For kindness’ sake

In this social media charged world, it can be tempting to only do good deeds when others are watching. Who doesn’t want to be showered with praise?

But not this stranger. He did something generous and didn’t want any credit, which makes his good deed even more special.

This story is a reminder that we shouldn’t only be kind when others are watching, but simply for kindness’ sake.

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“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa