One stranger decided to perform an extraordinary act of kindness after a brief interaction with an unhoused man.

An unnamed homeless man was working hard day in and day out, but he just couldn’t get his head above water. He did not expect a chance encounter with a stranger to change his life in a small, yet significant way.

In order to make cash to buy a pair of glasses he desperately needed, he washed car windows at $1 per window. Even then, it wasn’t enough to afford the $150 price tag at Walmart for the glasses.

A stranger helps out

One day, the man was in a gas station convenience store with just $11 in his pocket and told a stranger his story.

The man explained that he worked hard every day to save up money for the glasses, but he just couldn’t afford them.

After listening to the man’s touching story, the stranger did something amazing. He handed the homeless man not just $150, but $500 in cash.

If it wasn’t for you man- I love you a lot- you kept me on the right track.

The man told the stranger

Watch it below, courtesy of @loadingmagazine.

The kindness of strangers

Without access to a pair of glasses, it was tough for the man to get work, and without work, he couldn’t afford to save up for the glasses. It was a vicious cycle that was fortunately broken because of the generosity of one stranger.

The stranger could have chosen to lend a sympathetic ear and then walk away; instead, he decided to cut the poverty trap and help him, proving that great things can happen when we least expect them.

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