Actor and comedian Kevin Hart always had a special connection to physical fitness, but the 39-year-old has recently taken it to a new a level, partnering with healthcare platform Rally Health.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Hart revealed his morning routine, which starts at 5 or 5:30 AM and involves working out simply to get his day going. After all, for Hart, the most important part of this daily ritual is getting up and getting going — especially as someone who snoozes several times before leaving his bed. “Getting up to go out… is where so many people struggle,” he told the HuffPost.

Whether it’s making physical activity part of your daily routine, starting a new project, or putting in active work into our mental and emotional wellbeing, starting is the toughest part. “Just getting up. That’s the best move, that the toughest move… It’s not the actual real of physical fitness, but the initiative it takes to start,” he added.

As for the tough days, which we all have, Hart has a simple, yet rather deep mantra: “Every day is the start of a new day.” It’s so easy to take the disappointments, frustrations and failures of the previous day, week, and even year with us into the next.

As a species, we have an unhealthy relationship with carrying our past into the present, letting it wreak its havoc, day after day. But of course, we don’t have to. It takes work, as all things worthwhile, but leaving yesterday in the yesterday is a powerful exercise in self-care and mental wellness.

If you were bad yesterday, that doesn’t mean you have to be bad the following day. You can always improve, and you can always start a new journey.

— Kevin Hart

Known for hitting the gym with wife Eniko Parrish to keep things fun and avoid a fitness rut, Hart believes in making the best of everyday and starting new journeys.

Like Hart’s YouTube fitness series What the Fit shows, there’s a new twist and a new challenge around every corner. And if we take everyday as a new journey, leaving yesterday’s fears behind, everything has the potential to be fun, or at least a learning experience. Even, say an adult ballet class, with no prior experience.