Kevin Hart – Chase That Light

Actor Kevin Hart talks about the many rejections he faced, and how he refused to let anyone or anything stop him from going after his dreams.


“I got 19 years of, ‘No. Not good enough. No. No. No. You don’t get the part. No. No.’ You don’t need the permission of a higher level to make you feel that you can do what you want to do. In today’s time, it’s literally just about you realizing your own potential and being creative within your own potential. Oh, this is what I can do, so I need to master this, this, and this.

“At any point in my life, I don’t think I’m going to stop. This is not a race. This is not something that’s going to end fast. My goals are high and I got people that I look up to. When we talk about your Oprahs, your Tyler Perry, your Jay Zs, your Beyonces, you’re looking at self-made moguls. And I’ll be damned if I didn’t see an example in front of me that showed me a light. I want that light. I’m going after that light. That’s why you see me grind the way I grind.”