Kim Kardashian’s accomplishments as a powerful criminal reform advocate have been overshadowed by the understandable interest in other aspects of her life.

Kim Kardashian may be known for shocking the world with sexy pics, it was her bar exam Instagram post that had most people talking.

Kim Kardashian is arguably the most famous woman in the world. Best known for her lavish lifestyle amongst the global elite, she has exhaustively documented her ascension to the pinnacle of superstardom and brought her entire family along for the ride. In addition to her closest kin, she has also had an assortment of highly publicized romantic attachments through the years.

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Her latest relationship with comedian Pete Davidson progressed quickly, including a number of tattoos the SNL alum inked in support and affection for his new girlfriend. Kardashian expressed specific fondness for one of them during an interview on Ellen, “My girl is a lawyer,” embossed on Davidson’s collarbone, which invited the question; did Kim Kardashian pass the bar?

Kim Kardashian posing in front of Harvard sign.

Kardashian registered her intent to practice law with the California State Bar in 2018. She has detailed her journey in interviews with Vogue as well as featuring many of her scholarly milestones on her hit Hulu show, The Kardashians. The mogul enlisted two counselors from the REFORM Alliance to provide mentorship and tutelage in her ambitious endeavor to become an attorney. Erin Haney, who serves as the National Policy Director for the organization, and their Chief Advocacy Officer and co-founder of #cut-50, Jessica Jackson.

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Jackson and Kardashian worked together previously helping secure the release of incarcerated inmates who they felt were victims of a failed system. Their documentary, Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project, chronicles that chapter of their lives and the work that went into freeing individuals from captivity who were running out of options. Their collaboration also includes whipping up support and attention to bipartisan criminal reform legislation during a political climate that could charitably be described as challenging.

In part motivated by her late father Robert Kardashian, a lawyer who earned fame as one of O.J. Simpson’s attorneys during the Goldman Brown murder trial, Kardashian has been passionate about criminal reform for years. Her unconventional law school journey to becoming a licensed advocate for the people she wants to impact positively begins with a rigorous assessment of her legal acumen.

What Is the Baby Bar?

California’s First Year Law Student Exam, or baby bar exam, is exempt for students progressing through the traditional law school route. Candidates without two years of college work attending a California-accredited or an American Bar Association (ABA)-accredited law school are among those who are required to take and pass the exam before they are eligible to take the California State Bar, according to their website.

The exam can only be taken a certain number of times before an applicant becomes ineligible to take it again. The stakes then are incredibly high, as each attempt is accompanied by a diminishing percentage of eventual success. California limits a prospective jurist to four failures.

How Many Times Did Kim K Fail the Bar?

Kim Kardashian wearing all pink laying in bed and eating cereal.

According to Kardashian, the qualifying test has a more difficult pass rate than the Bar itself. The first time she took the exam was in the summer of 2020 and she received word shortly thereafter that she did not achieve a passing score of 560. Within just a few weeks, however, she had registered to take the test again. In November of that same year, after a positive Covid diagnosis, she was informed that she garnered a slightly lower score than her initial attempt. Almost a year later in October of 2021, she shared that her third attempt had also resulted in a failure.

While it is true that Kardashian has attained a level of affluence that makes many barriers much more attainable for herself than it would be for others, that should in no way diminish the work and talent that is required to pass this exam. One could even argue that given the lack of need on her part for a career that will surely not pay as well as her current profession as a beauty magnate and reality tv star, her discipline in becoming a lawyer requires the devotion she has verbally espoused.

Over a two-year period, Kardashian had taken the test three times. Only one attempt remained before her hopes of attaining this specific dream would be regulated to a shallow well of unfulfilled aspirations. Many have made mention of her ample resources that would allow her to receive private instruction, secure childcare while she studied, and enabled her to pursue this passion unimpeded by financial impediments.

Did Kim Kardashian Pass the California Bar Exam?

Kim Kardashian in a bikini studying for the baby bar exam.

On her fourth attempt, which she shared with the public in December of 2021, Kim Kardashian passed the baby bar. She shared the good news with her Barbri professor, Chuck Shonholtz, immediately after seeing the results. An instructor with a reputation for speaking at a considerable decibel, the two Facetimed in a Red Lobster parking lot. The restaurant visit was intended to celebrate Kardashian’s eldest child winning her first basketball game but served as the site of a combined commemorative family moment.

Is Kim Kardashian Really a Lawyer?

There is no indication that Kardashian has taken the actual bar exam at this time, so she still hasn’t reached her goal. Importantly though, after each setback or public derision of her choices, the entertainment maven never relented. Drawn to the spotlight and accustomed to the slings that come with it, Kardashian has proven to be authentic and transparent in her dedication and open about the ways she has stumbled throughout the process. Her accomplishments in this regard should motivate anyone who has chosen a daunting objective and give comfort to those who have traversed a rocky road to pursue their dreams.