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Landlord Tells Struggling Mom of 4 Not to Worry About Paying Rent - Then He Takes It One Step Further by Doing This
Landlord Tells Mom-Of-4 Not to Pay Rent, Then Buys Her Bags of Groceries
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Landlord Tells Struggling Mom of 4 Not to Worry About Paying Rent - Then He Takes It One Step Further by Doing This

When one family struggles to make ends meet during Covid-19, their landlord steps up and delivers more than just free rent.

2020 was a year that we will never forget. In the course of just a few weeks, our lives were completely changed. As a global pandemic took hold, businesses were forced to shutter their doors and the majority of the country was placed in some form of lockdown.

Like so many others during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Christina Marie, a mother of 4 from Saginaw, Michigan, was struggling to pay her bills.

How One Landlord’s Act of Kindness Inspired Another

Luckily for Christina, her landlord, Alan, knew that it was a difficult time for his tenants and wanted to do something to ease their financial burden.

He was inspired to offer rent relief after hearing about another landlord, Nathan Nichols, who was foregoing rental payments for the month of April.

In a Facebook post that went viral, Nathan explained that due to the "serious financial hardship" that Covid-19 was "causing for service and hourly workers around the country," he had decided to provide his renters with a temporary reprieve.

Nathan also asked other landlords to consider doing the same, writing, "I ask any other landlords out there to take a serious look at your own situation and consider giving your tenants some rent relief as well."

Alan took his words to heart. He jumped aboard the free rent bandwagon and offered the same deal to his tenant, Christina.

But he didn't stop there. He took his kindness one step further.

Not only did Alan call Christina to tell her not to worry about making April's rent, but he also showed up at her door with a huge surprise.

Landlord Comes Bearing Bags and Bags of Groceries

bags of groceries on front porch
Photo Credit: Facebook/ChristinaMarie

Christina took to Facebook to share her landlord's kind deed in a post that quickly went viral with over 500K likes, 96K comments, and 178K shares.

In the post, she shared a photo of her front porch overflowing with multiple bags of groceries, including boxes of diapers, potatoes, and cartons of milk.

She wrote, "SOOO My landlord Alan called me earlier and told me not to worry about rent this month and we will worry about it later i said okay!"

She went on to explain that Alan also asked her if she had any food. When she told him that she had 3 packs of meat left and needed to go grocery shopping, he told her to "be safe."

She thought that was the end of it. She thought wrong. Alan wasn't done yet. Not wanting her to have to go out for groceries, he decided to bring the groceries to her. And boy, did he deliver!

Quietly and without fanfare, he dropped off 16 bags of groceries, enough to ensure that Christina and her family would have enough food for weeks. He sent her a text after the fact. "Than I get a text saying go to your front porch please!!!" Christina wrote.

When Christina saw what he had done she was overwhelmed by his generosity.

"And I see this I couldn’t tell you how I feel right now \ud83d\ude2d\ud83d\ude2d for him to do this for my family my heart is so touched \ud83d\ude2d\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f GOD BLESS YOU."

She ended the post with "feeling blessed."

Landlord’s Act of Kindness Delivers Powerful Reminder

Thousands of commenters praised Alan for his kindness with a number of them expressing that they wished that he was their landlord.

"What a great caring man!!" wrote one commenter.

Another wrote, "With so much negative in the world there are the ones that turn it into something positive."

There was an overwhelming number who simply said, "Amazing."

While many people will look back on this time in our history and only remember the bad, Alan's kindness will forever be a positive reminder that there was also good.

His generous act of kindness not only made a difference in Christina's life and her family's life, but it also reminded people of the goodness of the human spirit during a time when they needed it most.


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