Lisa Nichols – Love Yourself

From an abusive broken relationship to finding wholeness within herself, this is how Lisa Nichols gives love back to the world.


In my perceivingly worst relationship where my fiance picked me up and threw me three feet across the room and choked me until I passed out. When I can figure out the purpose of that relationship, now I can bring Lisa 100% fully forth, so that my next doesn’t pay for my ex.

Because until you are complete and whole in some of those answers, you’re trying to avoid them in the future until you can be whole and complete with them. It’s purposeful. Any relationship you’re no longer in is either purposeful or life giving. Figure out which one and figure out what it gave you. What life did it give you? What purpose did it fulfill? And then move on until your breathtaking future.

That someone is going to cross your path tomorrow, next week, next year, and they need the love that you have. But in order for them to get it you need to fill your cup up and you need to be an overflow because you can’t love them from your cup. You got to always love them from your saucer.

Yes, because when you love them from your saucer you never ever run out. You never love on an empty tank. Love never hurts. A lot of time when love is hurting it’s because you haven’t given you everything you need yet. And you’re trying to give other people what you still need. You’re trying to give them you’re oxygen. Which is why you’re sitting around going. Hurry up! I never made it to Broadway, so this is my best damn stage.

And so recognizing that when you love from you overflow that’s the most responsible thing that you can do. And that the greatest love that you can ever give the world is the demonstration of what loving you looks like. She can give herself a 1000 second chances. I can give myself one more. And if he can give himself another chance, if he can get up after that financial fall, if he can get up after that divorce, if she can get up after that breakup, if he can get back up after having to leave his children, if she can get back up after having that child and she can define herself then what can I do?

And so your demonstration of how madly in love with you you are helps me to recognize how madly in love with me I get to be. And then when I love myself enough that all my extra just oozes over onto you.

And when you let your life shine like that because you’ve fallen in love with you. All of a sudden you get in the corner and that light for a moment brightens up someone’s momentary darkness. And then you’ve been a blessing to someone else.

Humanity starts with somebody. Humanity is the sister at the grocery store. Humanity is the black man that’s walking down the street who looks like he could use a hello and a smile. Humanity is the Asian woman who’s in the corner, people who can use some love. Humanity is the white man who’s in the corner who better not say hi to me but if he sees love on my face then he knows I mean him no harm, I’m his sister. Humanity is each one of us. I want to love the journey and I want to feel the journey. In order for my yes to have value my no needs to be said. And I want to exercise my no and my yes. I want to dance until my knees hurt. I want to stay awake until I doze off in the middle of a sentence because the conversation is so good. I want to laugh until my belly aches. I want to sleep until the sun wakes me up. I want to find out what is my song sound like, even off key.

– [Audience] Yes.

I want my heart to skip a beat, and I want my stomach to turn into knots because he just took my breath away by the way he looked at me. I don’t want to miss a moment of this life called love. But every time I look in the mirror at Lisa I want to look at her and I want to say, “God I love walking with you. “I love holding your hand. “I love this journey and I’m proud of “the way you wear imperfection.” And so I say that love starts with self love.