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Little Boy Sees a Hurricane Evacuee in Line at Chick Fil A - What He Does Next Is Proof of the Incredible Kindness of Children
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Little Boy Sees a Hurricane Evacuee in Line at Chick Fil A - What He Does Next Is Proof of the Incredible Kindness of Children

The boy demonstrated the importance of kindness to strangers.

Extreme weather, which is becoming more and more prevalent in coastal places like California and Florida, is a real and present danger for people who live in these areas.

California frequently battles wildfires, while Florida faces hurricanes every year, some so devastating they require residents to evacuate.

Do-gooders from neighboring states always seek to help evacuees, but there is only so much you can help at a moment’s notice. So, when a little boy in Alabama saw a Florida license plate on the car in front of him at Chick-fil-A during hurricane season, he knew the person behind the wheel was an evacuee. 

With a good and pure heart, the boy sprang into action, deciding to help in the small way he knew how.

Hurricane Evacuees Have Enough to Think About

Hurricane evacuees have a lot on their plates, including making sure they have all their necessities when fleeing their homes. They also have to simply hope and pray that their dwelling will still be in one piece when they return home. 

So, getting their hands on food might seem like a small task, but it can be exhausting– the straw that breaks the camel’s back. 

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When Landon Routzong, age 9, saw a man in a Florida car in line at his local Chick-fil-A, he asked his mother if he could pay for his meal. His mother, Tara, hurriedly agreed.

Parker ran to beat the man to the check out window so that he could beat him to the cash. The man was overjoyed to see such a young boy doing such an amazing deed. 

Children Can Teach Us So Much

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The man confirmed to Parker that he was an evacuee, and thanked him and his mother as he left the restaurant’s drive thru line. 

The whole incident warmed Tara’s heart, made her feel proud of her son, and proud of herself as a parent!

Children tend not to overthink things, and usually have pure and selfless intentions. When young Parker knew that the man in front of him at Chick-fil-A was struggling, uncertain and away from home.

Parker easily showed compassion and put himself in the stanger’s shoes. If he had been living the same uncertainty, he would have wanted someone to show him kindness. So what did he do? He showed the same kindness he would love to receive. 

We should all follow Parker’s example and the golden rule– treat others as we would like to be treated. Look out for our fellow man and help make the world a friendlier, safer, and happier place. 


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