“Then you can all of a sudden do that. You know, like in, what’s the movie? Matrix. When there’s a helicopter, and he says to her, “You know how to fly a helicopter?” And she goes, wait a minute, and she just loads the program. Now I do. Well, anyone can do that, it just takes longer. Instead of being able to say, “I’ve done this before.” You say to yourself, “I haven’t done this before, “but I’ve done other things I haven’t done before. and it came out okay, so I’m not afraid of this.” The thing that you learn the most, that’ll help you do things you can’t do yet, is how to recover from failure. If you can recover from things not going well, then the worse that happens is this is going to be a total wreck, but I know how to recover. I know how to be okay after I wasn’t.” “Say to yourself: I haven’t done this before, but I’ve done other things I haven’t done before, before.” – Louis C.K.