In Kathmandu, Nepal, many cows are abandoned by their owners when they’re no longer of use to them. This careless abandonment results in thousands of stray, helpless cows left to roam the streets of the capital city.

Thankfully, one man has made it his mission to bring these cows to safety — to date, he’s rescued over 166 cows. R.B. Neupane has taken it upon himself to create a makeshift sanctuary for the abandoned cows but he couldn’t afford a transport truck. That didn’t stop him though.

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Here’s the kick: Neupane transports the cows one-by-one, by driving them out of the city on the back of his motorbike.

“Earth is common for all, everyone has the right to live,” Neupane tells BBC Reel, “There were many organizations looking for dogs, but there were no organizations for cows. That’s why I started working for them.”


The biker now cares for nearly 200 cows — all of which he has rescued from the streets of Nepal.

“The cows and calves are left on the street when they are of no more use to their owners. If the cow gets old or stops giving milk they leave the cows on the street and when the bull calves are born, they are considered of no use as they don’t give birth.” Neupane explains sadly.

Raising awareness

While he’s doing his best to combat the stray cow problem in Nepal, Neupane told BBC Reel that there are currently over 8,000 abandoned cows across Nepal.

Because of this, Neupane has also organized dozens of campaigns to raise awareness and encourage the people of Nepal to care more carefully for their cows. This awareness has also resulted in outpours of residents visiting the sanctuary bearing vegetables, treats and other goods to help the cows along.

While taking care of the rescued cattle gives his life purpose, he does hope the government will eventually intervene to help. The cow is the national animal of Nepal and Neupane has hope that they will one day wake up and help rescue the lives of these innocent cows and calves.

In the meantime, Neupane and his fleet of volunteers will continue to do what they can by transporting as many cows as possible on the back of his motorbike.