Countless cities and communities around the world struggle with the financial, ethical and safety concerns caused by abandoned and stray animals.

Thankfully, there are people fighting on a daily basis to give these animals a home.


Photo Credit: Fetch Fido a Flight

Fetch Fido a Flight, an Oklahoma organization dedicated to saving animals from kill shelters, just rescued 110 dogs and 1 cat from euthanasia, flying them to safety.

Oklahoma state law still allows shelters to euthanize healthy, adoptable animals simply because an arbitrary amount of time has passed.

In short, loving animals are killed every year because there isn’t enough local public interest in adoption. But not these pups (and that one cat).

40 dogs and the cat were taken in by the SafeHaven Humane society in Tangent, OR and 70 dogs found shelter at the Oregon Humane Society — an organization that boasts a 98% save rate.

The non-profit gained online praise for the record-breaking rescue operation. Check out the heartwarming videos of the animals reaching their destination: 

The pets were greeted by a dozen of excited volunteers, who made sure to make them feel right at home. “It was a long trip, so they’re getting some food and water and a nice, soft bed,” told Laura Klink, Oregon Humane Society spokeswoman, to The Oregonian.

Funded through private and corporate donations, Fetch Fido a Flight was established in 2016 to save Oklahoma pets by flying them to no-kill shelters where they can have a chance at finding a forever home.

On average, the organization spends $250 per animal, making the mission a costly one in need of continuous funding.