Mark Cuban is a pretty busy guy, and it’s paid off: He’s very successful and one of  the richest business men around. However, his routine each day makes us pretty nervous.

Cuban recently spoke with Vanity Fair and shared what a routine may look like on a typical day and it’s a mix of normal dad stuff and some stuff that blows our mind.

Cuban says he wakes up around 6:30 am and the first thing he does before he even gets out of bed is checking his email  (we’re actually with him there, it’s also the last thing we do before we go to sleep!).

An abnormal daily routine

He then gets ready for his day by catching up with the news and doing normal family stuff like having his breakfast, driving his daughter to school, and going to the gym.

But here’s the part that is blowing our mind: He has confessed he carries around, all day, every day, three phones with him at all times (generally he prefers Android but also has iPhone so he can test apps he’s invested in) and uses them to answer hundreds upon hundreds of emails on the go, each and every day.

Just reading that made us want to take a nap!

But it shows you, no matter how successful you are, there’s work that needs to get done that only you can do. Think of that whenever you are doing the less exciting and fun parts of your own job!