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Meet 11 People Who Pressed RESET after Watching Lisa Nichols' Powerful Story

Lisa Nichols is a world-renowned motivational speaker and bestselling author of Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today.

As a life coach, she has been featured on popular TV shows such as Oprah and The Steve Harvey Show. She also shares writing credits for the widely popular self-help book, The Secret.

Today, she is the CEO of a multi-million dollar training and development company, Motivating the Masses; the only publicly-traded motivational company in the US.

As a young girl raised in South Central, LA, Lisa was always wary of surrounding gangs and had great difficulty adjusting to a school that was predominantly white. Later in life, as a single mother living on public assistance, she found herself struggling to make ends meet. At the time, she was scraping by with only $12 to her name.

Lisa has publically said that it took her a long time to stop wallowing in self-pity and start investing in herself. Whether this meant saving a fraction of her income each month or placing affirmations around her house, she was determined to escape her troubled circumstances.

Over the years, Lisa has overcome unfathomable odds as a victim of sexual abuse, and actively rejected her ‘victim’ narrative from defining who she is and what she is capable of.

In a powerful Goalcast Original Interview, Lisa shares her struggles with abuse and depression, imparting the best actionable advice on how to make it through even the most troubling times.

I didn’t see that level of sad coming. I think once sad comes you don’t know it’s coming. One little circumstance, another circumstance, another missed moment where you don’t speak your mind, another moment when you don’t say what’s on your heart, another moment when you say “Yes,” and you really wanted to say “No.” Another moment when you just put everyone else in front of you. And here I was in the doctor’s office, clinically depressed.”

Throughout her career, Lisa has been honored with countless awards including the Emotional Literacy Award, the Ambassador of Good Will Award, and the Humanitarian Award from South Africa, to name a few.

“Here’s what I’ve realized, words are power. Words speak life, word your life as a physical manifestation of the conversation going on in your head and that’s a physical manifestation of the words that are falling across your lips. If you want to create a better life, design a better conversation...If you can feel right now, something stirring in your soul, just that little something, you can’t even describe it, then you’re still in the game. It ain’t over yet, it’s never too late. At 20, at 40, at 55, at 75, at 88, it ain’t ever too late to press reset.”

Feeling inspired, and ready to press RESET? You can download Lisa's Checklist: 24 Proven Strategies to Create the Life You Want for FREE.

Lisa's story is a remarkable one; one that continues to inspire and empower millions around the world. To date, she has impacted over 2,116,500 teens and supported over 2,500 school dropouts through her foundation, Motivating the Teen Spirit.

And now...

11 reactions that got people hitting RESET and reinvesting in themselves:

Comment in full: "Lisa you just saved my life. You just changed my life. Today I committed to find a way out of my 30 years of marriage. A verbally & financially abusive marriage . Thankyou for this video. You just opened the door for me. Sending you love from Southern California 🙏"

Comment in full: "Whew girl I'm glad I stumbled upon you today... cause I'm sitting here in my 30's, loving my family but feeling more alone than any stage in my life thus far. I never thought 30's would be harder than my teens, but friendships & relationship building is harder! I've got more acquaintances than I know what to do with but could I call on them when in need? Doubtful. It's time to hit reset & get back to basics"

Comment in full: "I needed to hear this today. I’ve hit rock bottom with a narsacissitic husband who is verbally and emotionally abusive. How did I get here? More importantly how am I going to get out of here? I’m a two time combat war veteran with an autoimmune disease. I’m struggling alone with two kids. I’m going to do the 30 days"

Comment in full: "Lisa Nichols....thank you for this. I'm an educated woman who just got out of a severely physically and emotionally abusive relationship one year ago. Your words, about never thinking you would fit that profile or that abuse would happen to you really resonated with me. This is so inspiring and meaningful. Thank you again."

Comment in full: "This is BY FAR THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD !! I have been reading- searching - listening to people/ things for a long time because I have been so miserable for so very long - but THIS STRUCK MY SOUL ALL OF THE WAY THROUGH ! I will listen to this over and over and over!"

Comment in full: "in tears because I can relate, I am in tears because you found your way back, In tears because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and i found it too... I am in tears because this post gives hope to others who are in that situation. thank you Lisa Nichols"

Comment in full: "Wow Lisa Nichols I just listened to you and I have been trying to leave an abusive marriage for almost 26 years. Currently I have been taking baby steps to get there, but you have given me confirmation that yes I can beat this. I don’t have to become and author, or make millions but just given “PEACE” and I love you dearly for giving me the strength to carry on with my mission#godbless"

Comment in full: "Lisa Nichols you will never know how much you just changed my life and it's course it could have taken tonight! I'm going to try for 30 days to do what you did! Thank you for inspiring me... I will hold off on my prescriptions that were just given to me...I believe now I'm strong enough to find me again and make the choices I need to and accept my badges as things that make me, me but don't define me, they are just part of my story and made me stronger!!! Thanks for empowering women! Can't love this enough!! ❤️"

Comment in full: "This woman actively committed herself to change, She took actions, she adopted rituals to enhance a new self that she wanted to project and create. Change is so difficult and painful but the pain of staying where you are, is far greater. Bless her"

Comment in full: "I am in tears right now. Was in an abusive marriage, two in fact, that left me questioning everything about me. I was feeling unattrative and lost inside. The Law of Attraction brought me here to give me a message that I needed. Lisa just reset my life in a profound way. Thank you for sharing and thank you for commiting to uplifting spirits."

Comment in full: "After an emotionally abusive relationship that I left over a year and a half ago, I needed this so much. As I still struggle to feel good enough for anyone. Thank you for the reminder that it doesn't matter, as long as I am good enough for ME and love myself. Thank you for showing how easy it can be as well to fall for one small thing after another until you open your eyes and wonder how you go there."

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