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Miss New York Has Gone TikTok Viral by Helping People Cope With Loss As "Heaven's Receptionist" and It's Beautiful (and Funny)
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Miss New York Has Gone TikTok Viral by Helping People Cope With Loss As "Heaven's Receptionist" and It's Beautiful (and Funny)

This might be the best thing on TikTok...

Humor is often a powerful way to navigate difficult truths.

One popular beauty pageant winner has taken a unique approach to social media to help people cope with one of the most difficult parts of the human experience -- death.

In 2022, Taryn Delanie Smith was crowned Miss New York. But these days she is recognized around her native city for a different reason.

Since then, she began posting sketches on TikTok where she plays a receptionist for heaven, whimsical videos such as the one below in which the character asks people what they would like their 'ghost outfit' to be.

"Heaven's Receptionist": The Genuine Videos That Are Taking Over TikTok


Like i get you want vengence on the new home owners but why would you want to wear that forever #ghostfit #ootd #ghosts

The videos were a massive hit, and people immediately wanted more. She used these comments to continue posting the receptionist character, playing off people's thoughts.


#greenscreen there have been many requests for more footage of denise on the job. You go Denise #ghostoutfit

Soon, however, the comments took a different turn. One user left the note: " I don't know what made me bust out crying but your videos are perfect. I wish I could see you do one greeting my mom."


Replying to @jennifertavernier13 for you and your mama ❤️ she absolutely qualified for angel premium plus btw! #heaven #receptionist

This random comment prompted a new direction for Taryn's character, much to the joy of many of her TikTok fans.

In the first of these videos (shared above), Taryn still nails the subtle mannerisms of a classic New York receptionist, only this time welcomes the commenter's mother-- "Gerry"-- to heaven.

The genius of these short videos lies in Taryn's ability to mix believable observational comedy with empathy. While in character as a gum-chewing receptionist, she adds lines such as "you are so loved, I am already getting prayer mail for you"-- referring to the fan's deceased mother.

She knows precisely who her audience is, and produces her content with subtlety, and high emotional intelligence.

Unsurprisingly, her fan base is incredibly moved by these personalized videos, and rapidly growing as a result.

She now takes requests for deceased loved ones, tailoring "heaven greetings" for them by adding unique details such as nicknames.

For example, in a more recent clip shared below, Taryn received email correspondence from a fan about the deceased loved one in question, admitting that "it took me a while to record this one without getting teary."


Parts of this email were shared with permission from @Becca Darling ❤️ it took me awhile to be able to record this one without getting teary. Hugs becca. #grief #heaven #receptionist

In the video, Taryn deftly navigates her fan's grief with wit and genuine compassion. Keenly aware of the gravity of her content, she brings viewers into the fantasy of her character, acknowledging the whimsy while weaving moments of genuine, and emotionally intense, consolation.

Not everyone could make such impactful content. On an app where new stars seem to be minted every day, Taryn is carving out a space few could. She strikes an impressive balance between playfulness and seriousness, knowing just when to switch gears while remaining thoughtful.

For viewers, the clips offer some serious healing.

Imagination is a powerful tool, often used for therapeutic work, and in this case as an avenue for closure. The humor Taryn employs is also crucial in creating the space for imagination, creating a comfortable space to deal with such an overwhelming, and abstract, concept as death.

Humans have long used tools such as myth, and storytelling to process the unknown, and in this way, Taryn's content is part of a serious lineage. While many might dismiss content on social media as 'empty calories' or a problem for younger generations, her videos make the case for these platforms' capacity to bring us closer together.

Look no further than the comment section to see how her videos resonate.

“This just made me cry sitting in my car in a drive-thru. That was so sweet of you to make this video,” one person commented.

“This is a moment of genuine humanity. The love you’ve shown to someone I assume you have never known and take the time to help a soul heal. Beautiful,” added another.

Hopefully, Taryn continues to find innovative ways to offer emotional support, as she clearly has a gift for it!

Be sure to check out more of "heaven's receptionist" on her TikTok, right here.

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