A New Jersey man was on the brink of having nowhere to live.

Life can be full of challenges, with plenty of ups and downs to face as we push through the years. For some, though, those challenges are harder to overcome. And that’s when we rely on the kindness of community and friendships to help see us through.

That was the situation for a 39-year-old New Jersey man named Lamar Harris, who almost lost his home following his father’s death.

A Tough Situation

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Harris was dealt a tough hand in life. He was born with special needs and lost both his mom and grandmother when he was a child, reports CBS News. He grew up with his brother and father, but then tragedy struck again when Harris was an adult. He suddenly lost both remaining family members and was left holding the bill for the family home.

Harris had always worked part-time jobs, cutting lawns for the neighbors and helping out where he could. But because of his situation, he was unable to hold anything full-time, and he had no way of paying the massive tax debt on his home.

“He cannot drive. He does not understand finances and has a very limited reading ability,” said a neighbor named Terri Fretz. “As a result of the death of his family members, his reading deficits, and his inability to understand finances, he has fallen behind in his property taxes.”

A Community Comes Together

Harris has been a fixture in his New Jersey neighborhood for years, and everyone knows him as the kind man who does what he can to get by. When neighbors heard he was in danger of losing his home because he had no way of paying, they decided to do something about it.

“I’ve been looking after him for so many years now; he’s like part of my family, and I just can’t let anything happen to him,” his neighbor Tom Brake told ABC News.

The neighbors created a GoFundMe page asking for help. “He has no one else and nowhere else to go,” they wrote. “We, his neighbors, have all banded together and have been watching out for Lamar since his dad died. This problem just recently came to light and is too big for just his neighbors to handle.”

The initial goal was to raise $50,000 in a matter of days so that they could hit the payment deadline. Meanwhile, the mayor of Gloucester Township released a statement saying they were looking into the property and the status and care of Harris.

“The current foreclosure process is the result of a private lien holder that dates back to 2015,” the office of David Mayer wrote on social media. “We will continue to research this matter to ensure the proper care of Mr. Harris.”

Going Above and Beyond

Not only did the community raise the required $50,000 for Harris to stay in his home, but in just 13 days, it surpassed the goal and raised $64,804. That number swelled to $75,548 before the organizers closed the page to donations.

“You are all proof that kindness can make a difference in a person’s life in a big way,” Fretz wrote in an update. “[Lamar] is very grateful and understands the kindness that has been bestowed upon him… All money will be deposited into a bank account set up solely for Lamar’s benefit,” she continued.

“There is still good in the world. There is still hope for us all.”

The Power of Giving

The kindness neighbors showed Harris in his time of need isn’t just heartwarming; it’s inspiring. These people came together and helped a neighbor on the heels of tragedy from losing even more. They made something good happen from the kindness of their hearts.

It’s another reminder of the importance of community when it comes to creating social connections and bonds, as well as how powerful we can be if we work together toward a common goal.

There are so many ways to participate in our own communities, from giving our time as volunteers to donating funds, clothes, food, or other items to those who may need a boost.

We all go through hard times in life. But with the support of our circles, it is possible to push through.