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Paris Hilton Shuts Down Cruel Attack On Son - A Surprising Take on Kindness and Empathy
Paris Hilton and son

Paris Hilton Shuts Down Cruel Attack On Son - A Surprising Take on Kindness and Empathy

Think what you want about Paris Hilton, but when it comes to her son,

Paris Hilton may be known for many things but when fans attacked her young son, the real Hilton came out

The reality show star may be more popular for her juicy couture tracksuits and spoiled rich girl persona that dominated the 2000s, but at 42 years old the Hilton Empire Heiress is turning over a new leaf. One of growth and empathy.

After all this time, Hilton is used to being on the receiving end of harsh scrutiny, she's not complaining about that. In her industry, she knows that's a given, but when it comes to her child? The "Stars Are Blind" singer has some fair warnings and fighting words for those who cross her boundary—as she should.

A Simple Photo Of Her Son Sparked "Cruel" Comments

The backlash started when Paris Hilton took to Instagram to share a series of photos of her and her newborn son Phoenix Barron, 8 months. The Simple Life star posed with her son (stylishly decked in an adorable Burberry for Babies ensemble, no less) to commemorate their special day together. The toddler was enjoying his first-ever stay in New York City.

"My precious angel baby Phoenix's first time in NYC. ✨👱🏼‍♀️👶🏼🗽✨," Hilton captioned the shots of her first child, whom she shares with husband, Carter Reum.

Unfortunately, the post was not the simple endeavour Paris had anticipated. Instead, people had a lot to say about the shape of her son's head, and they used the comment bar to do it.

"I've dreamt of being a mom for as long as I can remember. Every day with him is a reminder of what truly matters"

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was devastated—as any new mother would be—when her comment section was flooded with nasty comments about the size of her son's head. Several commentators even accused Hilton of child abuse for not taking her son to the doctor.

The comment section has since been disabled, but Hilton, who normally stays tight lipped when it comes to calling out her haters, didn't stay silent this time. The entrepreneur took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the matter.

Needless to say, they are exactly what you think they would be.

What Paris Hilton Had To Say To The Haters

You can come for Paris Hilton but do not come for her son! On her Instagram Story, the TV personality openly expressed her deep upset about followers targeting her child and leaving hurtful comments, deeming it entirely "unacceptable."

“Living life in the spotlight, comments are inevitable, but targeting my child, or anyone else's for that matter, is unacceptable," she began. "This hurts my heart more deeply than words can describe. I’ve worked hard to cultivate an environment that is all about love, respect, and acceptance, and I expect the same in return," wrote the new mom.

Paris Hilton

In her sincere statement, Hilton called out the double standards that feel impossible to navigate. “If I don't post my baby, people assume I'm not a great mother and if I do post him, there are some people who are cruel and hateful I'm a proud working mom and my baby is perfectly healthy, adorable and angelic.”

The Paris in Love star added that as a social media personality navigating motherhood has initiated the unwelcome scrutiny.

"It's hard to fathom that there are such people in the world who would target such innocence. I hope that people can treat one another with more kindness and empathy."

Paris Hilton

This Isn't The First Time Her Son Phoenix Has Received Mean Comments On His Appearance

Shockingly, this isn't the first time Paris Hilton's infant son has come under the fire of the comments section. On Jan. 24, 2023, upon welcoming her baby boy to the world, Hilton took to social media to share a sweet snapshot holding his tiny hand.

The comments (which have not been disabled) were absurdly flooded with critiques about her baby's nails?! "What happened to those baby fingers and nail?" one user wrote.

It wasn't just her son's nails that were criticized (insane), followers were quick to share their rude insights on how bad of a mother they anticipated Paris Hilton would be?!

One woman even forebodingly wrote, "Children are a blessing, lets's hope he doesn't just walk out and ignore this one too when he has had enough of what he wants."

There are few things more shameful, than trying to strip away the joy and glow that comes with being a new mother. To make that mother feel her child is inferior or she fundamentally lacks the compassion or skills to love her baby unconditionally—it doesn't matter who you are—no mother deserves that treatment. Especially when she is at her most vulnerable.

"I always make Phoenix my first priority, and I've learned how to say no. I'm constantly saying no to things, because I just want to spend as much time with him as possible, and I just don't want to miss any of these special moments in his life and all these milestones," she continued, "He's my everything, so I always put him first."

Paris Hilton, on raising her son

You Don't Know What's Going On Behind Closed Doors, So Be Kind

Hilton is a remarkably good sport when it comes to being raked over the coals by the general populace for simply existing. While it's easy to dismiss Hilton as deserving of the hate, because of how out of touch the heiress may seem—some fans say otherwise.

Hilton's controversial "rich girl" just that. An exaggerated bit that Hilton created when she conceptualized her comedy auto-fiction documentary series, The Simple Life with longtime gal pal Nicole Richie, 42. Hilton thought it would be a good premise for a TV show to play up the version of herself that the public thought she was. Kind of genius?

In fact, Hilton so seldom asks for sympathy or to be "understood" by the public that she never even shared her dark and heartbreaking experiences she faced growing up. While the public was prone to mock Hilton's "Barbie airhead" persona, few know that she had an incredibly traumatic upbringing.

In her documentary This Is Paris (2020), the entrepreneur opened up about how at just 15 years old—long before she was famous—she was "abused on a daily basis" during her time at a boarding school she attended in Utah. In her harrowing recollection, Paris shares she was also groomed by a teacher — something that she said she’d “blocked” from her memory.

Love her or hate her, Hilton is a champion of women who have experienced the same heartbreak she has.

Britney Spears Thought Paris Hilton Was One of the "Kindest to Me"

In fact, Britney Spears recently gave Hilton a shout out in her memoir, for always encouraging her when she needed it most. She called friend Paris, "One of the people who was kindest to me when I really needed kindness… she encouraged me to have fun for the first time in a long time."

We may not see everything, all the time, but if nothing else, let's assume everyone is going through their own battle.

Paris may be known for wild antics in her youth but behind the scenes, it looks like she was practicing what she preaches. Kindness, compassion, and growth will never go out of style.


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