Whether you sing along to the latest Pitbull track on the radio or flip the channel (which is also probably playing a Pitbull track), you have to respect how famous the guy has made himself.


Photo Credit: Nick Biemans / Shutterstock.com

Pibull, whose real name is Armando Perez, grew up in a rough Miami neighborhood before going on to become one of the multi-platinum-selling recording artist. And he did it thanks to a savvy business sense.

El arte del ‘deal’

Pitbull said the #1 lesson he’s learned in business to get what you want is to erase any attachment you have to do the deals you make.

“The best negotiation is the one you can walk away from,” he told CNBC. “I try to never put myself in a position where you fall in love with a deal.”

Deal gone bad

It’s an often told story in the record industry that studio execs screw over upcoming artists. Pitbull’s story isn’t much different. He signed a contract in 2007 with TVT Records that made him a ton of cash up front – but it prevented him from working with artists on another label and blocked the release of his earlier recordings.

Pitbull ended up taking his label to court and managed to get out of the contract, but it taught him a big lesson about trusting your gut.

“No matter what kinda check they wave in front of you, there’s nothing better than your freedom,” he told CNBC.

Friends over money

Pitbull might be a savvy businessman, having negotiated big-time contracts with Bud Light, Dr. Pepper and launching his own line of perfumes and colognes. But he’s not a business shark.

“I don’t ever go into a deal trying to outhustle anybody. I go into a deal, I talk straight,” he said. “Don’t ever come to a negotiating table trying to, like, rob somebody or something.”

And he makes sure never to let his business dealings get in the way of his relationships. How? He never goes into business with an amigo.
“I have people that I can make a billion dollars with, but I’d rather be their friend than do business with them because that means more to me.”