One nine-year-old tried to repay a cop for his act of kindness.

One girl performed an act of kindness without expecting anything in return. That kindness started a chain reaction.

9-year-old Brooke Yost only wanted to buy some donuts.

At the gas station, Yost tried to buy a container of donuts before she realized she wasn’t able to afford them. She was prepared to leave the story empty-handed, but instead, a state trooper standing behind her in line decided to help.

The Note a 9-Year-Old Gave a Police Officer

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The office told Yost that he would pay for her dessert. Yost thanked him but was nervous talking to an adult stranger. As soon as she had the donuts in her hands, she ran out of the store.

However, when Yost got home, she knew what she had to do.

She wanted to repay the officer for his kindness, so she wrote a thank you note and tucked a $10 bill into an envelope.

“My name is Brooke and I am 9 years old,” the letter read. “I was at Sheetz and I didn’t have enough money. A nice police officer behind me kindly paid for my item. I thanked him but I felt bad because I didn’t offer him the money I had. So I am donating this money. I want to thank this officer again. Stay safe, Brooke.”

Eventually, her letter made its way to Chad Savannah, the very officer who had paid for her donuts.

The whole station was moved by Yost’s kindness and drafted a response.

Each cop pitched in and together they were able to buy Yost a $50 gift card to a toy store.

“A few weeks ago Lt. Hines arrived at my house while I was working with a letter thanking Brooke for their officer’s to be of assistance to her and her kind heartedness… With this letter came back her donation and some “extra” for her to spend however she wanted,” Yost’s mother, Beth Shaffer Yost, posted on Facebook.

How One Police Officer’s Kindness Led to a Chain Reaction

But the story doesn’t stop there. With the gift card she was given, Yost bought toys that she could then donate to charity. The officers were stunned by this and decided to give her a private tour of the station in response.

Yost and her family toured the Butler State Police Station, and she was presented with not only gifts, but also donuts.

“We’re trying to teach our kids right,” Yost’s mother said. “That’s all we’re trying to do is teach them the right thing to do and to take care of what they owe for. We felt that she owed for them donuts.”

This interaction between a young girl and a police officer shows how quickly kindness can spread. Generosity is infectious, so make sure to do a good deed today.


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