Three unlikely people banded together to make ends meet and form a strong bond.

Communities have always been the backbone of our world. Some are formed thanks to shared religion, interests or geography, and sometimes it’s thanks simply to people bonding together over the human condition and the power we all have to help.

In one small Malaysian town, a trio of people made a community of their own by banding together, despite their different ages and backgrounds.

Thinagaran is a 23-year-old man living in Malaysia with his grandmother, a 71-year-old woman named Puan Kamala. Thinagaran is of mixed Malaysian and Indian descent who was taken care of by his grandmother, without his parents.

They grew up without a lot of money, but their tight bond helped motivate them to keep things going. Under his grandmother’s care, Thinagaran learned a strong work ethic, and learned to do whatever it takes to make ends meet and keep his family happy and healthy.

How an Unconventional Family Was Born Through Love

When Thinagaran’s old family friend, an 87-year-old Chinese national affectionately known as Uncle Yap, needed a place to stay, Thinagaran and his grandmother sprang into action. The young man and his grandmother, who lived in the second storey of a two-storey home, bring in a very modest salary each week. They can barely make ends meet with Thinagaran’s construction salary and his grandmother’s welfare cheque. In fact, Thinagaran regularly takes on extra jobs to earn enough money to cover all living expenses.

Nevertheless, Thinagaran and Puan Kamala did not hesitate to invite their old friend to live with them. Many neighbors gossiped and speculated that Puan Kamala and Uncle Yap were lovers, but the elderly people blew off the chatter. The three roommates were just great friends, an unconventional family formed through community and love. 

I will take good care of you, Uncle, I promise.


The Inspirational Power of Found Families

Thinagaran and Puan Kamala were very generous when they took in their friend Uncle Yap. He has no more living family, and is not a full citizen of Malaysia. Because of this, he cannot collect all benefits available to citizens and has had to rely on the generosity of those in his life.

Luckily, his two great friends were there for him. Family comes in all shapes and sizes, and Yap was able to lean on his surrogate family for support and love in his time of need.

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