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Rising to Your Purpose Through the Power of Passion and Possibility
Rising to Your Purpose

Rising to Your Purpose Through the Power of Passion and Possibility

Our purpose can seem elusive and intangible to us, yet many of us are driven to find it, because it brings meaning and definition to our lives. It makes all the struggle, chaos, and confusion worth it in the end, and affirms our value. But the truth is we do not need to focus so intently on finding our reason for being in order to validate our self-worth. We just need to follow our hearts; we are already born worthy.

Our universal purpose lies in being who we sincerely are, in bringing warmth, love, understanding and laughter to others along the way, and in all we bravely seek to create. We can ask ourselves a question, “how many hearts can we raise, uplift, and ignite through the power and attraction of our own?”

Rising to Your Purpose Through the Power of Passion and Possibility

Rising to Your Purpose Through the Power of Passion and Possibility

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

-- Oprah Winfrey (more quotes)

Passion is our inner flame of wanting, craving, and deep yearning. It is an energy of action that lights us up from the inside -- our hearts trying to gain our attention. It needs to be heard and heeded. When we dull the surge of that call, we move further away from what our soul desires. We do not need to explain what we are magnetically drawn to, not to ourselves or others -- we should not attempt to dissect and deflate desire. Instead, we trust the rush of that energy to lead our way forward.

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The journey to our true calling is the journey of our self-discovery -- to our authenticity, innate creativity, and natural talents. When we tap into our inner dynamism and truly master the art of following our heart we begin to view life through a different lens. We disengage with mind clutter, foreboding and fears, and we enter a liberating space where our inner voice speaks to us through coherent and crystal-clear speech. We listen tentatively because we have learned to trust that tug from within.

The call of passion

I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.

-- Og Mandino

When we are guided by love, curiosity, and enthusiasm we carve a path forward toward the picture of what may be; these are the architects of our dreams. We unlock our potential by pushing back the limits that we set for ourselves. Our purpose may not be something that inspires great and super-quick monetary gain; it is not a dream or vision we sculpt for selfish or egoistic reasons. It is our magnanimous offering to ourselves and the universe; it is embracing our gifts so we can share them with others.

When we are driven by financial gain, we frequently lose. We end up stripping back at our possibilities when they are defined by external measures. However, when we're focused on what we can give rather than receive, we find a new path that aligns with a more wholesome and altruistic way of existing. It is the call of our passion that drives us to climb the highest mountains and reach the tallest heights. It is the call of our passion to meet our supreme cause and to take the risks in order to reap the commendable rewards.

Where your passion meets your talents

The starting point of discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. Write in a journal. Take long walks in the woods.

-- Robin S. Sharma

Our deepest purpose is often found where our flares of passion meet our talents. Together they embolden us and stir us into action. When we perplex and bewilder ourselves by trying to find our purpose, we generate more mental disharmony and emotional turmoil. We look at other people and wonder how they are living their dream when we are yet to realize ours. In doing this, we set ourselves adrift from our true centre and lose sight of our own unique path. In simplicity there is a subtle strength: we can refine rather than pollute our minds with tangled thinking.

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Very often we can fall into our purpose by accident. The push that steers us toward one dream might indirectly lead us to something more meaningful. Or we may find our passion meets our talents in the form of something that we loved to do as a child but as an adult had long since forgotten. Perhaps we accept a job opportunity that at first does not look like it will amount to anything fulfilling, only to find that it is the perfect fit. The possibilities are endless as long as we keep living for them rather than the guarantees. As Rumi said, what we are seeking is often seeking us too.

Exploring our full potential

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.

-- Ashley Smith

We never miss out on anything when we focus on experiencing the full promise and escapades of life. It is an exploration of truth, beauty, pain and sorrow, and all the ephemeral joys that create enduring memories. The gifts we have are open for our discovery when we look within for each spark of passion, and each prospect of chance that finds its way to us.  

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We are strengthened by all we feel makes us weak, and fused together by everything we fear may tear us apart. Our potential is unlimited, boundless, and immense, and only we can accept all it holds.

Keeping our hearts wide open

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

-- Swami Sivananda

We can find our bliss when we follow our passion and wire ourselves to create. This is how we learn to settle into our skin. We fuel ourselves with the wonder of our full potential and what pumps a wakeful beat to our heart -- this is how we rise to our monumental talents. The journey to our purpose is an adventure through mysterious lands: we may walk toward it with our eyes closed, but always with our hearts wide open.

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