Roger Moore – Do What You Want

The late James Bond star Roger Moore opens up about his cancer diagnosis, and stresses the importance of living your life for yourself and not for others.


Roger Moore: I’ve been pretty selfish and I’ve been very lucky.

Interviewer: You were told you had cancer. For any man at the age you were, that kind of cancer, incredibly worrying moment. How did you react to that?

RM: I knew at that point that I just couldn’t go on with the life I had. If I should sort of survive the whole damn thing.

Interviewer: A lot of your friends, sadly, have died. Is that the toughest part of getting old, do you think?

RM: Yeah. I think it is. Starts getting lonely. You wonder who is going to switch the light off. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve got, I’m going to do what I want and not give in to everybody else.