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Group of people posing for a photo in a restaurant and a woman wearing glasses.

Shania Twain Shocks Staff At Chuckwagon Cafe in Alberta

Instagram/@thechuckwagoncafe and YouTube/ CTV News
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Staff Shocked to See a Familiar Face Dining at the Restaurant - Slips Her a Note

Staff didn’t even recognize her at first.

Imagine you’re a server going about a routine day at a restaurant with an all-day breakfast menu and an array of juicy burgers. When suddenly, you look up and realize you’re serving none other than Canadian legend Shania Twain.

A Canadian Institution

The Chuckwagon Café is an institution in Diamond Valley, Alberta. The restaurant is situated in an old barn and is full of fun tchotchkes and memorabilia. Stars have been known to frequent the establishment over the years, but it’s usually a low-key affair.

It was undoubtedly a low-key affair when Shania Twain and her husband entered the restaurant in June. A host named Elizabeth Fogg sat the couple and remembered commenting on Twain’s “fire” outfit, but didn’t realize who it was at first.

“It was cool, it was really neat,” she told CTV News Calgary.

Twain and her husband enjoyed their meal pretty peacefully. Their server, Susan Green, asked the couple where they came from.

“I believe Switzerland was mentioned,” Green recalled. “There was some discussion about how beautiful the foothills are.”

I'll Have the Banana Cream Pie

It wasn’t until Green asked the couple if they’d like dessert, and Twain looked right at Green, that she realized who she was serving.

“I hadn't realized I was serving beautiful Shania Twain until she ordered banana cream pie,” Green said.

At that point, Green rushed back into the kitchen, and the staff regrouped while trying to keep their cool. They passed Twain a note, asking her if she would pose for a photo with them.

“We’re fans but we scaled it back because we want her to be comfortable and we want her to come back whenever they want to come back,” Green added to another CTV News outlet.

Twain posed for the photo and eventually left, making it a memorable day for everyone at the restaurant.

"They were amazing people. We want them to come back whenever they want,” Green added to CTV News Calgary. “I've served Shania Twain, I've served Glenn Close and I've served Robin Wright, all at that table.”

Leading With Respect

Celebrities and stars are just like us and need a quiet meal out just as anyone else would occasionally. However, what’s so touching about this story is that the staff led with respect and made Twain feel at home, even when they were fangirling over her sudden appearance.

It’s a friendly reminder that leading respectfully and treating others how we want to be treated can go a long way in life. That’s true whether you’re dealing with somebody in your every day or if you happen to come across a celebrity like Twain.

After all, we’re all cut from the same cloth, so remembering that we all have our own wrinkles and trying to be kind can go a long way.

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