While on air, producers scheduled a mystery segment for Steve Harvey’s birthday that caused the entire studio audience to break down into tears.

Even the most successful and privileged people get help from unexpected places to get where they are. For Steve Harvey, a Cleveland couple gave him a chance and changed the trajectory of his life. Luckily, Harvey had an opportunity to thank them in a touching and public way

The Amazing Surprise Steve Harvey Received on His Birthday

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Photo by Matheus Bertelli

On a recent show where Steve Harvey was celebrating his birthday, something happened that made everyone who witnessed it break down in tears. Steve’s crew decided that it would be nice to organize a surprise for him that they would show on air. When the segment started, Steve protested, insisting that he didn’t like surprises. Unbeknownst to him, this was one surprise he would love.

The mystery segment started with Steve getting an incoming video call from Orlando, Florida. The man told Steve, “Hi, this is Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida, and I called you to wish you a happy birthday.”

Steve immediately breaks down in tears, tells the man that he loves him, then he begins to explain their connection to his audience. Before he can get into his story, the man tells Steve that someone named “Becky” is also on the call, causing Steve to get even more choked up. He continues to explain to the audience that when he was 26 years old, struggling, and looking for an opportunity to make it, Rich and Becky were the first to offer him a helping hand.

They owned a furniture store in Cleveland and hired Steve’s carpet cleaning company to work for them. Then, when he started doing comedy at 27, they let him rack up a tab of over $10,000 at their travel agency which allowed him to tour and grow his career. Steve told the couple that he had been searching for them for years. It really was an amazing birthday gift to reconnect with these two wonderful people. 

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You never know what the people you encounter in life are going to accomplish. If you’re able to give people small breaks here and there, it could make all of the difference to them and potentially change their life. Without Rich and Becky’s kindness, Steve Harvey may never have become the Steve Harvey we know and love today.


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