Though they may feel like a second thought, stocking stuffers are the simplest gifts to shop for — and not only that, but a small gift can be the perfect way to show gratitude for someone. You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to put a smile on someone’s face.

One of our favorite parts of shopping for stocking stuffers? You can find an array of stocking stuffer ideas on Amazon — meaning it can be done right from your couch. From a dizzying selection of uplifting books to Amazon’s signature Echo series, Amazon stocking stuffers offer a gift for everyone you’re set to shop for. Plus, if you have a Prime membership, you can wait until the very last moment and make use of the two-day shipping.

Before you begin shopping, decide on who you’re shopping for a set a budget accordingly. Your significant other probably deserves a selection of the best, most meaningful stocking stuffers you can find, the fellow you chat up at the water cooler can probably do with a great book.

If you’re struggling for ideas, we’ve gathered our favorite stocking stuffer ideas to make their life better. Whether you’re looking for a few of the ladies in your life, or you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas for men, these are few of the things that are on our own list to help you brainstorm.

Here, the most meaningful stocking stuffer ideas on Amazon.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People


Initially published in 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People has faced the test of time and proven to still be a helping hand for those in a mental rut. Meaning, Dale Carnegie’s words are the ideal gift for your friend who needs a push in the right direction or a little guidance, whether it’s an unhealthy relationship or an unfulfilling job. Key takeaways include how to change people without them knowing and how to get people to like you.
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The Alchemist


One of the best selling books of all time, Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist tracks the tale of Santiago, a shepherd boy, as he follows a vision to find a treasure buried deep under the pyramids. It’s as much a story about adventure as it is a fable: each person Santiago meets teaches him an important lesson, from the fragility of life to how to truly follow your passion. Apart from being a book you want to curl up and read again and again, it’s a story that inspired you to live in the moment (meaning, put down your iPhone!).
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Organic Lavender Sleeping Mask


For sleeping like a baby or a more sound meditation, a silky eye pillow is all you need to focus. The 100% hypo-allergenic silk eye mask features a muslin pouch filled with soothing organic lavender and flax seed. The herbs will last for about six months but can be refilled easily with new herbs. Slip it on during a morning meditation or at night to help wind down from the day, the calming eye pillow is the ultimate relaxation assistant. Just in time for the holidays, with every mask comes the addition of a free therapeutic gel eye mask.
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Echo Dot


Echo is the modern personal assistant: the smart speaker taps Alexa (Amazon’s answer to Siri) as a voice-controlled home helper. All via a few spoken words, Alexa can play your favorite audiobooks or podcasts, call a friend, turn down your lights, call you an Uber or set your morning alarm.
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The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal


Jonathan Mooney was forever labeled as a ‘short bus rider’ due to his dyslexia, but it’s exactly that setback that has energized Mooney to purchase a real short bus and drive across the country looking for people finding creative new ways to overcome who rode the metaphorical short bus. Laced with Mooney’s bright humor, the book is uplifting, inspiring, and will leave you with a smile from ear to ear.
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The Power of Now


Running low on stocking stuffer ideas? A book that will inspire is always a welcomed gift. Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now is a timeless self-help book that will help the reader harness the power of now and relearn how to enjoy each and every moment. While there are a bevy of self-help books out there, this one truly spotlights the steps to take towards positivity.
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Avocado Slicer


An avocado slicer is a gadget you never knew you needed, but you won’t be able to live without. The simple all-in-one tool not only slices avocados into perfect half moons, but it will split and pit your avocado with ease. An easy-to-wash, dishwasher safe safety blade means you’re never in danger of slicing your hand again. Think at-home avocado toast with ease and far less effort in your guacamole.
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Incense Matches


Ideal for getting rid of unpleasant odors fast, incense matches leave a waft of incense after you strike them. It’s perfect for the scents pets leave behind or leave them in your guest bathroom for any visitors to use. For those who don’t like the smoke a stick of incense leaves behind, an incense match leaves the smells of incense (this pack contains a coconut, musk, holiberry, and rain) but without the lingering trails of smoke.
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Kate Spade Heart of Gold Bangle

On the outside, this simple gold bangle is all class, with a classic design and a 14-karat gold finish, but the inside of the bracelet is what’s truly special. Engraved on the inside of a band lies the words “Heart of Gold” are engraved. Gift this to your favorite superstar to let them know how bright they shine.
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Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel

Everything Bagels are a true icon in breakfast foods, so why restrict that perfect trifecta of sea salt, garlic, and onion to just bagels? With this at-home everything bagel kit, you can replicate your favorite bagel flavors on toasts, salads, soups, or for the gluten-free diner, you can turn your favorite gluten-free bagels into elevated everything bagels. Truly ‘everything but the bagel’ this kit includes four seasoning kits and a branded spreading knife.
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Zippo Hand Warmer

Though it may not feel like it right now, blizzard-y cold is on the horizon. For the ski enthusiast or just for the cold-weather commuter, Zippo’s reusable hand warmers sneak smoothly into small pockets and into mittens to keep hands warm for twelve hours straight. With the sleek design of a Zippo lighter, the flameless warmer generates 2.5x the heat of a regular heat pack.
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Mini Crock Pot

Crock Pot’s mini carrier allows you to bring your favorite dishes to go. With the help of an easily transportable heating plate, you can pack your meal, take it to go, and heat it up when you arrive at your destination — making it easy to eat healthy, home cooked meals on the go. The cord neatly wraps around the base of the hot plate so you’re not facing troublesome wires and when you’re all done, a removable interior can be slipped right in your dishwasher.
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PopSocket Phone Grip

The phone accessory you never knew you needed: the PopSocket attached to the back of your phone and acts as a multi-use grip. Pop it out, tilt it, and it holds your phone at the perfect angle for watching movies or holding a Skype call. While the collapsible grip is popped out, it also allows you to hold your phone for a perfect photo or two. Selfies aside, the grip allows you to hold your phone more securely during calls and while sending texts. Bye, bye, broken screen.
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Beats Earbuds

For the friend or family member who is into running or listening to podcasts on their commute, Beats’ wireless headphones will be a trusted companion. Short, around-the-neck wires and magnetic earbuds won’t get tangled, even if they throw them in the bottom of a suitcase, and an eight-hour battery life will help them field calls or avoid calls with their favorite music.
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Cactus Humidifier


This easy-to-carry humidifier is perfect for wherever or whenever you need it. Sitting at just a few inches tall, the USB-powered humidifier pushes hours of fresh air into dry, stuffy spaces; be it their office, their car, or their yoga studio. Just add water! For safety, the humidifier is designed to shut off automatically after four hours in action. Moving into cold and flu season, it’s a sweet little stocking stuffer for the health nut in your life.
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