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Stressed Mom Dining Out With Kids Notices Stranger - Little Did She Know, It Wouldnt Be the Last Time She Heard of Her
Stranger Leaves Note for Stressed-Out Mom Dining Out With Small Kids
Uplifting News

Stressed Mom Dining Out With Kids Notices Stranger - Little Did She Know, It Wouldnt Be the Last Time She Heard of Her

A kind word goes a long way.

*Featured image contains photo by Keira Burton

Dining out with small children can be a stressful experience. While it's important to teach kids how to act in public (not to mention parents need to get out of the house and live life too), the reality is that it often comes with its fair share of chaos and unpredictability.

Not only do you worry about how your kids are going to behave, but you also stress about how other restaurant-goers are going to react to your children.

For one frazzled mom in Australia, a fellow diner's response to her two young kids left her on the verge of tears...but for all the RIGHT reasons.

Stressed-Out Mom Apologizes for Kids Making Noise

Mom Tyne, her husband, and their two sons, aged three and 18 months, were on a weekend getaway to the Sunshine Coast.

It was a chance to relax, have fun, and spend quality time together. But for Tyne, grabbing breakfast at a cafe before heading to the Sea Life Aquarium felt anything but relaxing. As any parent of toddlers can relate, you hope for the best but prepare yourself for the worst.

As the family waited for their meals, she noticed a woman sitting at a nearby table reading a book. Tyne's alarm bells immediately started ringing.

Worried that her boys would disturb the woman by being anything BUT peaceful and quiet (because, kids) Tyne decided to try to diffuse the situation before it reached catastrophic levels.

"I immediately apologized to the lovely lady sitting near us as she had a book and [I] was afraid the boys wouldn't be too peaceful."

Tyne via the Facebook group, "The Kindness Pandemic"

"We were chatting for a little and then she left after her breakfast,” the mom added. Little did she know it wasn't the last she would hear from the stranger.

Stranger Leaves a Heartwarming Note

note from stranger to mom

When the family got up to pay their bill, they were shocked to learn it had already been covered. Not only was it paid for, but in its place was a handwritten note.

It read:

"It was such a pleasure sharing my brekkie space with you. Please keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve got a beautiful family. Hopefully, you can splurge a little more at Sea Life today. Love Em.”

It was from the stranger Tyne had felt compelled to apologize to.

Instead of being upset with Tyne for having children being just that, children, she encouraged the mom to keep up the great parenting.

Having the tab covered was nice, but it was the note that really meant the most to Tyne. While the message was simple, it packed a powerful punch.

"I almost cried. She paid for us... And her kind words were what I needed to hear.”

Tyne via Facebook

Tyne was so grateful for the heartwarming gesture that she decided to share about it on social media in the hopes of tracking Em down.

“If you are Em staying in Mooloolaba for work and went to a quirky local that’s your favourite — you are an amazing soul.” she wrote.

“Thank you, thank you. We will pay it forward,” she added.

The Difference a Kind Word Can Make

Being a parent isn't easy, especially when kids are young. It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and teaching them how to function in the real world.

If we want children to grow up into responsible, self-sufficient caring adults that positively contribute to society, they can't be raised in a vacuum. So yup, that means they do have to go out in public.

Unfortunately, however, when parents do venture out with their kids they often feel judged rather than supported. This is why Tyne was so apprehensive about her fellow diner's response in the restaurant.

The fact that the stranger reacted the way that she did is heartening. It didn't just make a positive impact in Tyne's life, it's also a great reminder for us as well.

Because sometimes? Parents just need some encouragement. So the next time you're out and about and you see a parent trying their best, take a moment to let them know that you see them and they're doing a great job. Chances are, they really need to hear it.

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