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Little boy choosing between a bouquet of flowers and a Batman toy and a father hugging his son.

Stranger Pays For Poor Family's Rent and Education


Stranger Finds Poor Child Selling Gum - Tests Him With 2 Choices

A boy makes a unique choice that leads to an incredible story.

The young boy is weaving through people, leading the man behind the camera a couple of short blocks away.

"Hey buddy, are we there yet?" asks the man impatiently.

"Yes, it's here," replies the boy.

What the boy reveals is so shocking, his father soon gets involved and the lives of all three are forever changed.

A Chance Meeting

Bouquet of roses

Bouquet of of roses

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It's known wisdom that a child should never accept a gift from a stranger. After all, the world is full of danger to the innocent and unguarded.

So when a boy pops in on his dad's work midday with a stranger -- and holding a new Batman toy -- his father is on high alert.

“DO NOT accept things from strangers," he scolds his son.

"I asked if he could bring me to you," says the stranger behind the camera gently, "I don’t know if you could give me 5 minutes?”

That's when the man shares what brought him in touch with the boy. He explains that he is conducting a social experiment where he offers random kids either a toy or a bouquet of flowers (Which also contains money). He adds that most kids chose the toy -- except for the man's son.

When he asks the boy why he chose the flowers, he replies that it's his mother's birthday today. In a heartbreaking twist, the boy says that he is on the street selling gum to save money for a gift and to help his father, who is struggling to make ends meet.

That's when the man asks the boy to take him to his mother who's a couple of blocks away. Yet in a shocking twist, the boy leads him to a slab of cement where his mother is entombed. His mother had passed away from cancer.

"I wanted to buy a gift for my mom 'cause we don't have the money to buy one for her," he explains, ashamed. He adds that he and his father are staying with his dad's co-worker for the time being.

With the motivation to do more, the man asks the boy to take him to his father.

A Father's Story

After the man behind the camera explains what happened, the father drops his guard and opens up.

“It’s difficult because we don't have…” his voice trails, “We have no money. Sometimes, we only have enough to eat, sometimes once a day. Sometimes he comes out to sell the chewing gum like this and I tell him ‘No kiddo, not you, because that’s what your father is for isn’t it?'"

He then recalls his late wife.

"She was our everything. She helped us a lot, I told him stories at night, and she never left me alone," he says.

The father shares that not only did her parents disapprove of their marriage, but they also blamed him for her passing as he didn't have enough money for her medical care.

That's when the man behind the camera says that as part of the experiment, he is offering the father money, enough to enroll his child back into school.

However, the proud father hesitates to take the money. That's when the man behind the camera offers another way to look at it.

“Look at it as though your wife is sending you the money. Please take it, so you can take your son to school," the man adds, saying that he will also pay for the father's mental health care.

After a gentle nudge from his son ("Now we can eat every day!" he says), the man accepts.

This is usually when the story winds down with closing credits, but this tale has one last chapter.

How One Man Proves That Service to Others Is the Rent You Pay on Earth

The man asks the father to exchange numbers so they can meet up again, for this moment. They meet next to a building complex.

“You said you were struggling to pay rent," says the man. "Well, this is part of the social experiment, I want you to take these keys, they’re from this apartment. From here on out, it’s gonna be for you and your son. Don’t worry about the rent bro, this is completely yours."

The man behind the camera is not just any social media figure, but John Millionaire, famous for lavishing fancy gifts on those with difficult lives, like the boy and his father.

Millionaire is quick to remind the father who the real benefactor is.

“I ain’t fooling you bro it’s a reward your wife is sending you, please accept it.” The father beams, holding his son tight.

Sometimes the ones on earth do the work of those up above.

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