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Social House, the pop duo behind "Boyfriend" featuring Ariana Grande, use their painful experiences to create uplifting pop music.

/ August 9, 2019
Liam Cormier shot by Benoit Rousseau

The singer and founding member of punk band Cancer Bats brought his musical dreams to fruition by going straight edge.

/ August 8, 2019
BINA48 at C2

Being in her presence is thrilling and unsettling, interacting with her even more so. Her head turns, her eyes blink,

/ July 18, 2019

There’s a whole lot of noise in the world, but not enough listening going on. Gone Gone Beyond is a

/ July 5, 2019

Many adults who grew up with the Toy Story franchise as children are rewatching the series in preparation for the

/ June 20, 2019

Sarah Prout was 19 years old when she met the man she was going to marry. “I said yes because

/ June 4, 2019

Like so many of us, Stephen Hecht grew up in a world where conflict was a normal part of his

/ June 3, 2019