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Ryan Reynolds Quotes

Ryan Reynolds is either “too deep” or makes fun of everything. Here are 25 Ryan Reynolds quotes and tweets that

/ January 6, 2020

Many say the only good thing to come out of the box office flop Green Lantern is the storybook romance

/ July 19, 2018

We already know that Ryan Reynolds is a pretty special human being. From his deeply personal confessions on dealing with

/ June 21, 2018

He might be a goofball on screen and in the public eye, but in his personal life, Ryan Reynolds suffers

/ May 25, 2018

As Deadpool 2 dethroned Avengers: Infinity War at the box office this weekend, grossing $125 million in the U.S. alone,

/ May 22, 2018

Whether he’s portraying the quick-witted Deadpool on the big screen or entertaining the Twitterverse by savagely trolling his wife Blake

/ May 3, 2018