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Teen Asks Boy With Down Syndrome to Dance After He Was Rejected - What Happens Next Takes Them by Surprise
teen with Down syndrome and date get a surprise at the homecoming dance
Uplifting News

Teen Asks Boy With Down Syndrome to Dance After He Was Rejected - What Happens Next Takes Them by Surprise

After being rejected by another classmate, one high schooler thought he might not have the opportunity to attend a dance. Fortunately, a young girl stepped forward.

All year, teenagers look forward to the high school homecoming dance. Daniel Rivas was looking forward to it, too. He wanted nothing more than to attend his own school’s dance, but there was just one problem: He couldn’t find a date.

Daniel, who has Down syndrome, tried asking a girl to be his date, but she declined. When Kylie Fronius heard of the rejection, she decided to step up.

Why One Girl Asked Her Classmate With Down Syndrome to a Dance

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Complete with a large poster, Kylie asked Daniel to the dance.

“I don’t think of kids that have a disability as being different,” she told Fox5 Las Vegas. “I think of them just being a normal person learning in a different way.”

Tonya, Daniel’s mother, was shocked by Kylie’s kindness.

“It’s not about that Daniel has a disability,” she said. “It’s Kylie didn’t see any disability. That is what your heart wants as a mom.”

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News of Kylie’s compassion caught like wildfire, and before long, Fox5 News was reporting the story. Every person who saw the broadcast was touched.

“All you had to do was watch the news story you [Fox] aired, and you just saw a young lady with a huge heart, and she was inspirational,” Don Foreman, another Las Vegas resident, said.

When the homecoming dance finally rolled around, Kylie and Daniel were greeted by Monica Jackson, the host of the Fox5Surprise Squad, a group bringing surprises to residents of the Las Vegas Valley who have given back to their community.

“Your story touched so many people,” Jackson told Kylie and Daniel.

The Night of Surprises FOX5 Planned for the 2 Teens

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Photo by Fidel Fernando on Unsplash

The story was so inspirational, Fox5 decided to do something special for the teens, so they planned a night of surprises.

The first surprise arrived in style: a Rolls Royce that would take the couple to the dance. But before that, they were taken to a dinner at a fancy local bistro, a place that held extra meaning because Tonya had never been able to afford to take her family there.

Finally it was time for the dance, where a red carpeted was laid out waiting for them. Inside, Kylie and Daniel danced the night away until an announcement interrupted the music.

“We’re not done,” Jackson announced before presenting the two teens and their families with free trips to Disneyland.

The night of surprises, all filmed by Fox5’s news team, garnered over 6.6 million views on YouTube. Like Kylie, the comments were incredibly kind.

“All I can see is that this girl was raised real well. God bless her beautiful heart,” wrote one person.

In addition to her tremendous generosity, viewers were shocked by Kylie’s age; such a young person had already become so wise.

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“She has more class, moral fiber, and integrity than I’ve had in 54 years of life. Her only negative point is, she made me cry," wrote another commenter.

Kylie did not invite Daniel to the dance looking for anything in return, she just saw a nice young man who was being excluded by his peers and stepped up to include him. Her act is a reminder that none of us are all that different from each other and none of us should be treated like outsiders.

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