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Mom and daughter in a photo booth, three women standing, and a young graduate (inset)

Teen Mom Disproves Haters By Raising Daughter to be Doctor

YouTube/ KHOU 11
Uplifting News

14-Year-Old Is Told to Abort Pregnancy - Now Her Baby’s a Harvard-Trained Doctor

This teen mom persevered and raised two beautiful, intelligent daughters.

Everyone stumbles. But it’s not how hard we fall that counts: it’s how we pick ourselves up.

Sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan, and we’re faced with incredibly difficult circumstances. But if you can push through the way this young mother did, something wonderful can happen.

An Unexpected Pregnancy

Mother and daughter pose in a photo booth

Sherrel Lemon and her daughter, Dlorean

YouTube/KHOU 11

When Sherrel Lemon was 14 years old, she learned she was pregnant. She was terrified of her mom’s reaction and didn’t know what to do. So she tried to break the news in the gentlest way possible.

“I was 14 when I got pregnant my freshman year,” she told KHOU 11 News. "I called my mother at work, and I told her that I was pregnant because I didn't want her to, like, kill me. I knew that I was safe if she was at work.”

According to Lemon, many people told her to abort the pregnancy or to adopt. But she believed this had happened for a reason, and she wanted to keep her baby. So, at 15 years old, Lemon gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Dlorean. Two years later, Lemon dropped out of high school to support her.

A Lot of Hard Work

When Lemon left school, her own mother supported her but made sure she knew things wouldn’t be easy.

“The only time I'm going to watch your child is when you're at work or at school,” Lemon revealed her mother as saying back then. “You're not going to begin to get anything for free.”

Lemon also recalled people being super negative about her and her daughter, saying she would never amount to anything and that her child wouldn’t be anything either. It was hard, but the young mother ignored those naysayers and focused on the things she could control.

She worked double shifts and made enough money to send Dlorean to a private school. She constantly read to her child. She married and had a second daughter, Danielle, but later divorced.

"We both grew up together," Dlorean told the publication.

Instilling Strong Values

Today, Danielle is 18 years old and a freshman at Louisiana State University. Lemon owns her own restaurant and bar, Tipsy Treats. And as for Dlorean, at 29 years old, she is a doctor of medicine and studying at Harvard’s prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital.

“She's an anesthesiologist,” Lemon added. “I tried to talk her into plastic surgery, but she wasn't having it. I was like, 'I've had these stretch marks since I was 15. You owe me something!'”

“There is no message big enough,” Dlorean added. “I think I'd have to write it in the sky in a plane. But all I can say is thank you. That is it. Thank you. And every day I go to work trying to make sure that I do you proud. And so, I hope I am.”

Looking back, Lemon reveals to the publication that she doesn’t regret any of it, and has a strong response to those who told her to get rid of her baby three decades ago: “I saved my kids’ life one time, right? But they saved my life many times. They gave me purpose.”

Picking Yourself Up

Lemon’s heartwarming story proves just how much a person can accomplish with determination and love in their heart. It’s also a great reminder for everyone that no matter how hard things may seem, with purpose and grit, you can pull through.

This story is also a staunch reminder to ignore the naysayers and believe in yourself. Who cares what the critics say, so long as you stay true to yourself and who you are at your core?

As Lemon proves, by sticking to your convictions, not being afraid to work hard, and remembering to focus on the positive, there can be many, many beautiful things in store for you.

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