One high school senior immediately felt something was wrong and decided to help when he saw an elderly woman walking on the side of the road.

Laura Farr, 87, was trying to visit her grandkids who lived just a few blocks away. On this particular day, someone gave her a lift which caused her to get car sick, so she decided to get out of the car to walk.

Lost and confused, Farr walked two miles on foot until 17-year-old Eric Roman spotted her on an off-ramp of the Staten Island Expressway.

“Literally right next to the shoulder,” Roman told CBS. “She looked very confused. She looked like she was in need. I wasn’t just going to drive by and let something happen.”

He pleaded with her to go to a hospital

Farr recalled that her body was shaking when Roman offered to help.

He says ‘sit down, I don’t want you to fall.’

Laura Farr

Despite Farr insisting that she was fine, Roman pleaded with her to allow him to call an ambulance to pick her up.

“I’ll hold your hand when you go in the ambulance,” he told her, CBS reports. “Just let them take you, check you out.”

Eventually, she agreed.

New buddies

Farr recovered, but she didn’t forget the high school senior who helped her.

I was so happy.

Laura Farr

In a CBS video, Roman and Farr reunited, with the young man bringing the senior flowers.

“When he came in he called her name and she goes, ‘that’s the boy. That’s the boy who helped me,’” Farr’s daughter, Roselyn Abraham, said.

Don’t wait to help others

On the Staten Island Expressway that day, surely many people must have seen Farr, confused and wandering along the side of the road. But they didn’t stop.

Thankfully, Roman did and helped Farr to safety.

This story goes to show that you can’t wait for others to act. You must follow your instincts if you think something is wrong and go help. That’s what builds a community we all want to live in.

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