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Woman taking a picture with her father outside and a screenshot of a father's text.

Dad Sends Epic Text After Witnessing His Daughter Get Dumped

TikTok/ @fallonthompsxn
Uplifting News

Dad Witnesses His Daughter Get Dumped - So He Tells Her to "Be the Bull"

Scott Thompson had the PERFECT response.

The end of a relationship is rarely easy, especially when you're not the one doing the ending.

When college student Fallon Thompson recently "got dumped" she was understandably heartbroken.

But lucky for her, there IS one person she can always depend on...her dad. And he was right there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart with words of wisdom that have gone viral. Because they're THAT GOOD.

Dad's Perfect Response To His Daughter's Break-Up

Father taking pictures with his daughter

Father-Daughter Duo Fallon and Scott Thompson

TikTok/ @fallonthompsxn

Fallon Thompson is a volleyball player at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. She had just come home to Houston, Texas for summer break when her now-ex came in like a wrecking ball and called it quits on their long-distance relationship.

Her dad, Scott, who has an office overlooking their driveway, witnessed his daughter's heart break in real time.

According to an interview with Newsweek, he tried to cheer her up by taking her to dinner but there are just some things that even good food can't fix. He knew she was sad and didn't want to talk about it but he wanted her to know that he was there for her and she was going to be okay.

So, he sent her a text.

Fallon shares his incredible message in a now-viral TikTok that is sweeping the globe and healing the hearts of everyone who has ever experienced heartbreak.

Teary-eyed, she captions the video: "POV: You just got dumped in your driveway and your dad saw the whole thing."

She then shares three screenshots that have already been viewed more than 14 MILLION times.

Scott opens the text by acknowledging her heartbreak and offering some perspective. He explains that he's had his fair share of relationships "and then I met your Mom."

"I can say with certainty that when I met her, it was instantly different," he writes. "I can also say that I knew it was different because I went through those other experiences."

He explains that what Fallon is going through is "necessary in order for you to one day be able to discern when a person is really right for you." And despite how much it hurts, it will eventually be worth it and get her to where she's supposed to be.

He promises his daughter that being alone isn't her future.

And then he hits her with this gold nugget of truth,

"When someone lets you know that you are not for them, deal with the pain and hurt with the knowledge that this person just gave you back the most valuable thing in the world - your time."

He advises her to be "grateful for the experience" but also "rejoice in the knowledge that your life is still completely yours and you have not wasted it shackled to someone that did not completely want you."

And while he could have stopped there and still been crowned the "World's Best Dad," Scott isn't done yet. He still has one thing left to say.

"Be the Bull"

TikTok · fallonthompsxn

To end his text, Scott launches into a fitting analogy about a bull, a cow, and a storm.

"When a cow sees a storm, they run away from it. What ends up happening is they end up being tortured by the storm longer as they are actually keeping themselves in the storm longer."

"However, when a bull sees a storm, they run towards it, facing the onslaught head on. Initially, it's terrible but they are strong and they can weather the storm, and because they ran towards it, the storm passes them quickly, and they are soon in a peaceful place."

"So be the bull, and lean into your storm, embrace the suck, and let it fill you up."

He finishes the text with a validating reminder that she is "strong enough to endure" and her life will go on. "Still on your path, achieving your goals, and with all of your time still in surplus," he writes.

It was exactly what she needed to hear.

The Importance of Showing Up

The text message Scott Thompson sent to his daughter Fallon after her break-up.

The text message Scott Thompson sent to his daughter Fallon after her break-up.

TikTok/ @fallonthompsxn

Fallon says she's not sure why she posted it to TikTok. "I just had this little voice in the back of my head that was telling me other people might need to hear this, too."

Turns out, that little voice was right. Because not only did her dad's text heal her hurt, but it's healing the hurts of thousands of other people too.

"I’m legit SOBBING, your dad doesn’t even realize it, but I think he just helped heal a lot more little girls than just his 🩷"

"Your dad just fixed a little part of me; thanks for sharing and I’m so sorry queen❤️🩹"

"Tell your dad thank you on my behalf, I needed that sm."

“'This person just gave you back the most valuable time — your time' healed a part of me."

In fact, nearly 30,000 people have taken to the comment section to praise Scott for his response to his daughter's break-up.

His text was so much more than just a father trying to comfort his daughter and provide her with some much-needed perspective. It also sheds valuable light on the importance of having emotionally intelligent men in our lives. A sentiment that was echoed in the comments.

"Oh, to have an emotionally intelligent dad 🥹"

"Crying for the little girl who never received these messages from her father."

“'So be the bull and lean into your storm' *crying in daddy issues*"

"Just looked at my dad and SIGHED."

When she needed him most, Scott didn't turn a blind eye. He didn't ignore her hurt or try to brush off her feelings. He SHOWED UP. And sometimes? That's the greatest thing a parent can do for their child.

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