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The Best Investment To Make

The Best Investment To Make

We all know that one of the best ways to make money is to invest. This is how the rich get richer; they put their assets into investments that generate a reliable income every year. They can then either live off of those returns or re-invest the proceeds so that they can grow it even more going forward. Some people might want to risk a little more and put their money in the stock market for potentially more return, and some people might want to play it safe and invest in real estate or even put their money in a savings account that generates income every year.

However, there is one form of investment that is often overlooked and that can produce returns that are even higher than any other form of investment. It's the only stock that you should always invest in. This asset will not generate direct revenue. But more than that, it will allow you to eventually make better decisions, think faster, make better use of your time, and eventually create alternative sources of income. Even better, allow you to live a better and longer life.

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What Is The Best Investment To Make?

The investment I'm talking about is YOU. Yes, you. In particular, you should invest in your learning.

Why Invest In Me?

Because you are the primary asset in your life. You are the one and only person that can always be counted on, and that is something nobody can ever take away from you. You are the one who will make most of the important decisions in your life, so to be successful, you must be able to make the right decisions and as quickly as possible.

To constantly be better, you have to maintain it. Just because you are out of college, it doesn't mean you should stop growing. You have to keep developing your knowledge and skills.

And as you gain different skills and knowledge, you will make fewer mistakes and feel more confident to take on bigger projects and to reach even for your dreams.

How do I invest in Me?

Depending on what you want to learn or what your goals might be, you will have a better idea of what resources you need to get to that point. But I will list some general resources that are useful regardless of the topic. There will be a whole blog post dedicated to learning in the future, so subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know when it is posted.

Read Books

Blogs (like this one) can be a good place to start, but for deeper and more insightful knowledge about a subject, I recommend you buy a book on the subject. You can usually find good recommendations online for the best book to get on your particular topic. The first thing I did was to get an Amazon Kindle, it's only $120 and you get access to virtually every book. The kindle's battery can last up to a month and it has a no-glare screen that is a pleasure to read on (unlike tablets). Invest the time and money that is required to read books, it is essential to your progress.

Get a Mentor

It is a good idea also to supplement your learning with some one-on-one mentoring as well. Find someone who has already mastered the field you want to learn and pay them (or persuade them) to teach you. In my experience, most people are not willing to invest in, but having someone who has lots of experience can drastically lessen the amount of time you need to master a certain topic. You will learn a great deal faster with a mentor.

Create a "Learning Budget."

Don't be cheap when it comes to learning. As I explained in the introduction, you should see it as an investment rather than an expense.When you are deciding between getting a brand new 4K TV or getting 10 hours of mentoring, most often you should go with the second option. Personally, I try to dedicate about 10% of my income to learning/training. This budget is comprehensive and includes all activities related to the mind, intellect, or body (Gym membership, books, courses, etc). You could start with less, but the idea is to have a dedicated budget so that you are less likely to buy that TV when it comes to making a spending decision.

There is no better investment than to make than an investment your in your own knowledge. So put your money where your mind is and invest in yourself, because you're worth it.

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