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The Youngest Person to Visit Every Country Wants to Give You all his Air Miles - Here’s the Inspiring Reason Why
James Asquith the youngest person to visit every country

The Youngest Person to Visit Every Country Wants to Give You all his Air Miles - Here’s the Inspiring Reason Why

We’ve all done it: daydream about traveling somewhere perfect to relax and experience something new. We all need a break from our daily routine, and opening our horizons is the perfect way to grow our minds and renew our ourselves.

James Asquith, who holds the Guinness World Record for becoming the youngest person to travel to all 196 countries by the age of 24, definitely knows the wonder of discovering somewhere new.

Asquith didn’t always know it was his dream to travel. The former London banker decided to take the leap after he started traveling with his father, a pilot for BMI.

“It was never the purpose to race around and hop into every country to tick it off… I thought, 'I want to see more,' and eventually decided I wanted to go everywhere."

"It's amazing hearing people being inspired by travel and it's when I am personally happiest, either that time alone or with friends and family closest to you, so I wanted to do something to not only give back, but to inspire and get people thinking how they too could fly somewhere and experience new cultures."

Asquith is giving back in a big way: After accumulating years of Air Miles, he has chosen to give away every single one in an Instagram contest. He says the purpose of the giveaway is to inspire more people to take the leap and travel; he explained how the contest has led to many people opening up about the significant ways they would use the prize.

"I've had a lot of people writing to me with really inspiring stories as to why they would like to win the miles and what they would do with them," Asquith said.

"Everything from people taking their first ever flight, to visiting long-lost relatives the other side of the world, which is very touching and exactly why I wanted to run this competition, to inspire just that."

This contest isn’t the only way he has helped others to go around the globe. He has also created an app called Holiday Swap, which helps people to match with others and swap their homes when they travel. The app has gained popularity and boasts participants from 100 countries.

To enter this incredible giveaway, you must follow Asquith and Holiday Swap on Instagram, then comment how many air miles you think you will win and who you would like to take on your trips. You can comment a maximum of five times, and the closest guess will win.

The competition will run until September 23, giving you plenty of time to post for a chance to win.

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