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Heroic 3-Year-Old Son Trusts Instinct And Steps In After Mom Falls And Hits Her Head
Thomas And Kayleigh Boffey
Uplifting News

Heroic 3-Year-Old Son Trusts Instinct And Steps In After Mom Falls And Hits Her Head

He remembered what to do after seeing a YouTube cartoon.

Many people, even adults, cannot think logically under the pressure of a life-threatening emergency. One young toddler from the U.K., however, was able to keep calm and react accordingly when his mother slipped and fell down the stairs and hit her head, losing consciousness.

Saved by the YouTube

Thomas Boffey, a three-year old from West Midlands, U.K, was shaken up when his mother, 33-year old Kayleigh, fell down the stairs. The young boy was a regular viewer of the Korean children’s program Robocar Poli on Youtube. The animated kid’s show from South Korea features a police car, ambulance, and fire engine. Thanks to this show, Boffey knew right away to call 999 (the UK equivalent of 911).

"He climbed up onto my windowsill in the living room to get my phone and he managed to [phone] the operator, they couldn't understand what he was on about but directed him to the police."

- Kayleigh Boffey

An amazing feat

Thomas’ amazing actions were more than just calling 999. He stayed on the phone with 999 operators through the ordeal, as they instructed him to keep hold of his mother’s hand and continue talking to her, keeping her conscious. Also, he climbed over the home’s baby gate, searched for a key to their house, and unlocked the door for emergency services. Once they arrived, Kayleigh was brought to hospital, where it was found that she sustained injuries to her knee, ankle, shouler, and hip injuries. Once it was determined that she was safe, Kayleigh couldn’t help but feel overwhelming pride for her young son. 

"I knocked myself out and he managed to ring for help—it was amazing really, words [can't] describe it. I'm extremely proud of him."

- Kayleigh Boffey

Lessons for children everywhere

Thomas’ knowledge very well could have saved his mother’s life. A representative of Nemours Children's Health explained that while what Thomas did was amazing, children should always be taught not only how to get in touch with emergency services, but also develop a good understanding of what constitutes an emergency. Their guidelines read: “Teach kids that a 911 emergency is when someone needs help right away because of an injury or an immediate danger." Thomas’ story is both an act of bravery and a great lesson for parents.

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