One UPS delivery driver had a heart of gold and people wanted to repay her when they found out that her roof needed to be repaired.

There are certain people who become fixtures in life, sometimes without us even realizing it. The barista at your local coffee shop who always has a kind word and a smile no matter how early it is. The crossing guard who volunteers their time to ensure your kids get to school safely. Or the delivery person who goes above and beyond with your packages every single time.

In St. Louis, for many people, that person is Carolyn Crump, a UPS driver and amazing woman who has been working the job for more than 20 years. So when her customers learned she needed help they were more than happy to step in.

How One UPS Delivery Driver’s Route Was More Than Just a Job

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According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Crump had spent the past six years on the same route outside of the city. That was more than enough time for her to establish a rapport and strong relationships with many package-receiving residents.

According to Fox affiliate KTVI, the people Crump delivers to had begun to call her family and everyone had a different reason as to why they bonded with her.

“She’s just kind, she’s humble, I don’t think she even realizes the impact she has on people, she’s always smiling,” Christie Pickrell told the publication.

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“We all have her cell phone number,” Jason Lehtman added. “She’s on top of it, and if it’s raining she’s wrapping it in plastic… The day before we had to put our dog down I found her in the foyer saying goodbye to the dog, and right there you’re just like, ‘Wow,’” he continued. “My kid this year for Christmas is getting a bike… she called and said, ‘Should I wait to deliver this, or can I deliver this now, do I need to hide it, or are we good?’”

I don’t think she even realizes the impact she has on people, she’s always smiling.

Christie Pickrell

In 2020, when Crump learned Lehtman had a connection to a roofing company, she briefly mentioned how she was looking at replacing her own roof soon because it was 30 years old and had started leaking. That’s when Lehtman formulated a plan.

The Reason Why UPS Customers Rallied to Do a Kind Gesture

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Lehtman quickly got Crump a quote and a timeline of about six months. But secretly he started a GoFundMe campaign with the community to help their favorite driver out. Everyone came together with donations and Lehtman put the next phase of his plan in motion: he got Crump’s work to help set up the surprise.

I am truly surprised. I love this route, I love my job, I love coming to work, I never mind working, it’s great and this is why… this is why I’ll retire on this route.

Carolyn Crump

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According to KTVI, Crump was scheduled to pick up a fake package from a home. From there, she was blindfolded and taken to a local park, where her daughter and many others from the community had congregated to surprise her. They presented her with a check for the new roof, along with some extra funds from surpassing their initial goal. Crump thanked the crowd profusely, handed the check to her daughter, and hopped back in her truck to finish a day’s hard work.

“I am truly surprised,” Crump told the publication. “I love this route, I love my job, I love coming to work, I never mind working, it’s great and this is why… this is why I’ll retire on this route, and the only reason I have a route is because you guys shop online.”

How One Person Can Make a Huge Difference in Someone’s Life

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According to the Dispatch, Crump is one of those people who is just super appreciative of what she has. “It’s easy to have a positive attitude when you know how blessed you are to just have a job, especially during a pandemic,” she revealed. “I love online shoppers. I should get a bumper sticker that says that on my car. They don’t sign my check, but they definitely supply the materials for it.”

For many people, that happy and humble attitude can be a downright refreshing take on the meaning of life, especially when we’re dealing with our own bills, the daily grind, and jobs we might not feel so optimistic about. Crump and her outlook are a reminder that, no matter how hard things may seem or how much we may not want to be in our current situation, things could always be worse.

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This story also reminds us just how far simple kindness and connection can go. By taking the time to be in the moment with those in her community, Crump forged incredible bonds that enriched her life — and the lives of those around her — even more.

We could probably all take a cue from Crump and be present in our own lives a little more, too. Instead of rushing through the drive-thru for our daily coffee, head inside the shop and put a face to the people you speak with every morning. Put your phones down when interacting with your partner or children, and really engage with what they’re saying. Or even just enjoy a good old-fashioned, distraction-free meal with family and those you love.

You never know how much being there and staying present may actually mean to someone else.

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