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A FedEx Driver Notices a Boy in Need - What She Leaves At His House Totally Stuns Him
fedex driver buys a new basketball net for a boy who played with a rusty one
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A FedEx Driver Notices a Boy in Need - What She Leaves At His House Totally Stuns Him

One FedEx driver embodied the meaning of sportsmanship when she came across a young boy enthusiastically playing basketball on a bent and rusty hoop.

Sportsmanship is defined as the fair and generous treatment of others. It is something we learn as children in extracurricular activities, and something we hopefully build on throughout our lives as we become better people.

The Unbelievable Story about a Boy, a Basketball and a Kindly FedEx Driver

Aubrey Robinson is a FedEx driver who services rural Indiana and does more or less the same route every day. Because of this, she often sees the same people over again, and feels like part of the community. One day on her run, she saw a young boy, 11-year-old Elijah Maines, playing basketball outside of his residence on a rusty old basketball net.

Aubrey had seen the boy often, working on his jump shot. It was immediately obvious to her that Elijah was passionate about the sport, so she decided to do something to help fuel his passion.

Aubrey was working hard during the holiday rush, but decided to do something amazing when she finally got a day off. Heading to the Target near her home in Ohio, she purchased a brand new basketball net for Elijah. She spent hours assembling it, then rented a truck from a friend and drove 25 miles away from Ohio to Elijah’s home.

When she got there, nobody was home– which was perfect for her plan. Aubrey set up the basketball net and left a note for Elijah encouraging him to keep up his good work and continue shooting hoops and having fun with friends. She also left instructions on how to secure the base to the net and left a note signed form Aubrey– “Just one of the FedEx drivers for the area”

I wanted that kid to know what it’s like to watch a ball roll around the hoop a little bit before it drops in. I wanted him to have the best hoop I could find and experience that anticipation.

Aubrey Robinson

The Young Boy's Reaction to the FedEx Driver's Gift Is Heartwarming

When Coledo Wheeler, Elijah’s mother, came home and stumbled across Aubrey’s gift– she burst into tears. She had been out working all day and was concerned about her son due to her recent divorce with his father. The act of kindness stunned Coledo, who had been worrying about making ends meet and being able to provide Christmas gifts for her two young sons, her two adult children, and her seven grandchildren.

The gift was an amazing relief as she was able to give Elijah something that meant alot to him. When Elijah saw the net, he was also stunned and immensely grateful. Aubrey didn’t stop there: A few days later, she dropped off a bag of sand so that she could be sure the net would be secure. 

We recently got divorced, and it’s been a hard year for Elijah and his little brother, Zachary. Basketball means the world to him. There’s nothing he loves more- it’s the thing that makes him the most happy.

Coledo Wheeler

How a FedEx Delivery Person Proved Good People Still Exist

Aubrey Robinson gave Wheeler and her son Elijah more than just the gift of a basketball net. She gave them the gift of hope and an understanding that there are good people in our communities who are looking out for us and who are willing to go out of their way to help us. That is the greatest gift of all!

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